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The 7 Acupressure Points for Curing Constipation and the Correct Ways of Pressing Them

For people who are suffering from constipation, does the existence of acupressure points for curing constipation and where to press them haven’t crossed your mind?

It is said that 70 percent among women in their 20s to 30s suffer from constipation.
It would be better for most women who are suffering from constipation to cure it with their acupressure points!

We will now explain to you the acupressure points for curing constipation and the places where to press them.


1. Can a acupressure point cure constipation?

Yes, you can expect your constipation to be cured by pressing acupressure points to stimulate the functions of your intestines.
Constipation mostly occur when your intestines begin to decline in function, leading to poor bowel movement.
By increasing the functionality of your intestines with acupressure points, you can cure constipation, as well as strengthening your
body chemistry

However, people who are susceptible to suffer from chronic constipation shouldn’t only press their acupressure points, but they are
also advised to undergo lifestyle changes such as changing their dietary habits and taking excercise.

Together with undergoing lifestyle changes, please try to stimulate the pressure points to be introduced here and stimulate them in
order to cure your constipation.

*Constipation Which Cannot Be Cured by Acupressure Points
People passing bloody stools, having severe stomachaches and vomiting followed by constipation might be suffering from inflammation
or tumor on their intestines.
Since curing constipation caused by ailments in the intestines is difficult by pressing acupressure points alone, please have yourself
to go under medical examination of your gastrointestinal tract and digestive organs.

2. 7 Acupressure Points for Curing Constipation

Introduced here are the 7 acupressure points for effectively curing constipation.

Since there are acupressure points that prompt immediate efficiency, try to press them.

1) Tensuu

It is said that this very effective acupressure point puts functions of your intestines in order to improve bowel movement.
If pressing for the first time, do it after going to toilet or when being able to go to the toilet.

Where to find it: On spots three fingers away from both sides of your navel.

How to press: Gently press the acupressure points with both of your hands’ index, middle and ring fingers at the same time.
Press them while bending your body forward.

2) Daiko

Energizes your intestinal and digestive functions to cure ailments such as constipation.
This acupressure point is also effective for curing bloated stomachs accompanied by constipation in particular.
Where to find it: On spots three fingers away from the Tensuu acupressure point.
The Daiko acupressure points are located three fingers away below from both sides of the navel.

How to press them: lay both of your index fingers and middle fingers above your stomach and press the acupressure points while rubbing to stimulate them.
You can also expect your constipation to be cured by warming these acupressure points and energize your intestinal functions.

3) Kikai

Promotes bowel movement by warming up your body to increase your intestinal functions.
Having a chilly body hardens your stool and leads to constipation, so pressing this acupressure point is recommended for those who are having a stomachache caused by constipation.
Where to find it: Below your navel just two fingers away from it.

How to press them:  Place your both of your index and middle fingers on your stomach and stimulate the acupressure points by gently pressing them.

4) Gougoku

Makes your large intestine to work properly. In particular, pressing it is recommended for persons who are bothered by separate hard lumps and odor of their stool, as well as persons having a rough dry skin accompanied by constipation.

Since Gougoku is also called the “all-powerful” acupressure point since it alleviates pain in your entire body, pressing it also effective against menstrual cramps and muscle stiffness.
Where to find it:  On a spot a little bit near to your index finger from the bone connecting your thumb and index fingers together.

How to press it:  Place your other hand’s thumb finger on the Gougoku acupressure point and press down the bone below your index fingers deeply to stimulate. * Try to relax your hand that you will use for pressing the acupressure point.

5) Kanshi

Prompts bowel movement by energizing your intestinal functions.
This acupressure has an immediate effect, so lets press it while at the toilet or while being able to go there.
Where to find it:  Four fingers below from the center of your wrist and between the two arm muscles.
Persons who are suffering from constipation will feel a slight pain after pressing the acupressure point.

How to press it: Place the cushion of your thumb finger on the acupressure point while your wrist is being supported by the remaining four fingers. Stimulate the acupressure point by rubbing it while gently pressing it with your fingers.

6) Ashisanri

This typical acupressure point makes your digestive organs work properly and improve their functions.
It is generally effective against stomachache and, when stimulated, releases energy for weak stomachs.
Where to find it:  Four fingers a little bit below the hollow part below the kneecap.

How to press it: Place your thumb finger on the Ashisanri acupressure point and provide support to your calf with the rest of your fingers.
Rub it for 2 to 3 minutes while pressing it with a little bit of pressure.

7) Taishou

This acupressure point is effective for people who have bloated stomachs caused by constipation, and those who feel constipated because of poor bowel movement. It improves blood circulation leading to softening of stools and improvement of bowel movement.
Where to find it:  On a depressed part of your feet’s instep where the bones of the big and long toes meet and slightly away from them.

How to press it: Place your thumb on the acupressure point. Gently and strongly press the part between the bone so that your thumb would sink in.

3. How to Press Acupressure Points

Pressing the acupressure points with brute force might worsen the symptoms.

Explained here are the basic ways on pressing the acupressure points.

How to press: Vertically press the acupressure point using the pad of your finger.
Some acupressure points are rubbed or pinched depending on their location.
Strength: A right amount of strength to feel stimulation (a little bit strong)

Time and number of presses: Gently press with a little bit of strength for around 5 seconds. Gently press for around 5 seconds in a relaxed manner.
Repeat the pressing for around 10 times. Pressing acupressure points on left and right sides counts as 1 time. Do it using the same number of times.

If you felt that the stimulation is not enough, let’s find some time to do it in the morning and in the evening.

Recommended timing: after bath or before sleeping
Pressing your acupressure points is recommended when warming up your body, as well as having a relaxation for your mood and body.
Pressing your acupressure points is best done 20 to 30 minutes.
Because if you do it right after you take a bath, toxins and sweat will not come out from you body. Therefore, it would be better to do it at a correct timing when perspiration has subsided a little bit after you take a bath.

Other tips: Press the acupressure points while exhaling. When releasing your fingers, do it while inhaling.

When pressing your acupressure point, do it while taking a deep inhale slowly.

4. Caution on Pressing Acupressure Points

Introduced here are the things to remember when pressing your acupressure points, and certain people that we cannot recommend to perform acupressure.

4-1. Things to Remember When Pressing Acupressure Points

(1) Do not prolong the stimulation of the same acupressure point

Prolonging the stimulation of the same acupressure point causes muscular inflammation and pain, and might lead to worsening of symptoms.
People tend to press an acupressure point several times because it makes them feel good, so please be careful not to overdo it.

(2) Do not throw strength into pressing

Even throwing too much strength into pressing your acupressure point causes muscular and skin inflammation.
Use the right amount of strength such as the pressing makes you feel good enough or you feel a little bit of pain.

(3) Do not stimulate a wounded, inflamed or painful are where the acupressure point is located.

Stimulating wounded areas where the acupressure point is located only worsens the symptoms.
Press it only after the wounds are healed.
If you worry about pressing by yourself because you don’t know the right pressing power nor the location of the acupressure points,  please look for a qualified “Anma Massage Shiatsu” therapist at a clinic.

The therapist will find the acupressure point connected to the symptom and will press it for you.

4-2. Persons Requiring Caution When Pressing Acupressure Points and Persons Not Recommended for Acupressure

Persons requiring caution when pressing acupressure points are explained here.

Persons Requiring Caution When Pressing Acupressure Points

- Persons who are 18 years old and below

Since their body hasn’t been yet fully developed, be careful not to overstimulate their acupressure points.
Body development may vary by individual, so let’s gently press the acupressure points to avoid overstimulation.

Persons Not Recommended for Acupressure

- Those who drank alcohol

If you press your acupressure point after drinking, the alcohol will spread around your body.
Since it might make you feel bad, avoid pressing your acupressure point while or after drinking alcohol.

- Those who have fever or those who are in bad shape
Pressing the acupressure point improves the flow of blood throughout your body, so it might lead to further rise of body temperature.
Pressing your acupressure point while in bad shape only worsens the symptoms, so only do it once you are back in top shape.

- Those who have kidney or heart ailments.

Having your acupressure point stimulated may only worsen the symptoms.
If you really want to have your acupressure point pressed, consult a doctor first instead of pressing it at your own discretion.

- Those who are possibly pregnant

If you are possibly pregnant, refrain from pressing your acupressure point until you seek consultation from your doctor.
The early stages of pregnancy is a very delicate period, so try not to stimulate your acupressure points.

5. Summary

Pressing acupressure points improves bowel movement by promoting intestinal functions, so you can expect that your constipation will be cured.

Those who are constitutionally prone to chronic constipation should undergo lifestyle changes, along with having their acupressure points pressed without interruption.

There are tips and things to keep in mind when pressing acupressure points.
After carefully reading what are given here, try to press the 7 acupressure points that we introduced to you.

This article is translation of Japanese article, and the information listed is as of November 25, 2015 (Japan Standard Time).
Please take note that this article is based on individual opinions or their impressions, and opinions may vary.