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Acne-fighting Foods that You Would Like to Eat


It is said that vitamins are good for fighting acne, but there are specific foods that are also effective against it. You would like to know what are those foods, right?
Here, we will introduce you these acne-fighting foods. Nutrients centering on vitamins are deeply involved in preventing and curing acne, so you can expect great results by actively taking in these nutrients.
We will introduce foods that are effective against acne and acne scars, as well as the foods that cause acne if consumed in huge amounts.

1. Acne-fighting foods

Other than preventing acne, the nutrients obtained from food also repair acne scars. The foods don’t also contain nutrients that are effective against acne, but there are three specific foods that you should carefully incorporate into your diet today.

*Red paprika


Green and yellow vegetables prevent free radicals from working, and they are rich in vitamin C which helps the production collagen for a beautiful skin. They also prevent the secretion of sebum from skin and make accumulation of keratin plugs difficult. Red paprika, compared to other vegetables, is richer in vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a heat-sensitive nutrient, but the vitamin C found in paprika is characterized for being resistant to heat. Moreover, if you stir-fry it, it increases the absorption rate of
beta carotene (which prevents skin from getting keratinized) by our body.

*Chicken wings

Because chicken wings are rich in collagen, eating them helps you to rejuvenate your skin, get rid of old skin layers, as well as retaining the elasticity of your skin. Chicken wings are cheap and are easy to get.
Jelly and chicken skin also contain collagen. You don’t have to take in huge amounts of the nutrient, but try to avoid running out of it.


Natto is rich in antioxidant properties of vitamin B2. It also promotes blood circulation and skin rejuvenation. It also helps breaking down fats, so it prevents excess secretion of sebum outside the skin.
Natto contains a substance called “isoflavone” which is similar to beautiful skin-maintaining female hormones, so be sure to take in enough isoflavones, particularly when your hormonal balances gets disrupted before menstruation.


Other than red paprika and natto, which are in particular effective against acne, we will introduce other foods that also contain acne-fighting nutrients, as well as the nutrients themselves.

*Vitamin A: carrots, spinach, mrejuvenation olokhia, eggs, eel, seasoned nori, conger eel, shiso, etc.
Effects: promotes skin and maintains skin health. As a result, it may also retain the skin’s firmness and laster, as well as prevent clogged pores.

*Vitamin B2: Eggs, natto, hen-of-the-woods mushroom, molokiha, toasted nori, red sweet pepper, Camembert cheese, almonds, etc.
Effects: Gets rid of free radicals that cause acne, and helps skin rejuvenation.

*Vitamin B6: Tuna, garlic, chicken, Pacific saury, ham, beef, red sweet pepper, mashed potatoes, green tea, pistachio, etc.
Effects: promotes blood circulation, as well as maintaining a healthy skin.

*Vitamin C: Red bell pepper, acerola juice, citrus peel, lemon, bell pepper, molokhia, broccoli, cauliflower, kiwi, ham, toasted nori, nameko mushrooms, etc.
Effects: Prevents free radicals from working, and helps production of collagen for making beautiful skin.

*Collagen: Chicken wings, chicken skin, pork, shark’s fin, eel, shrimp, salmon, jelly
Effects: promotes skin rejuvenation, helps to get rid of old skin layers, and retains elasticity of the skin. The amount of collagen produced by the body decreases when a person reaches her peak age of 40.

*Minerals: Liver, beef, parsley, flour, processed cheese, beef jerky, niboshi (dried small sardines), dried squid, laver, etc.
Effects: These nutrients are essential in the production of collagen. They promote rejuvenation and help to prevent free radicals from working.

2. Recipes that use acne-fighting foods

We will introduce recipes that use acne-fighting foods such as red paprika, liver, natto, nameko mushroom and chicken wings.

■ Stir-fried liver with red paprika
*Red paprika, 1/2 slice
*Pork liver, 250g
*Cabbage, 5 leaves
*Chives, 1/2 bundle
*Potato starch, moderate amount
*A pinch of salt and pepper
*Oyster sauce, 1 tbsp
*Oil, moderate amount
*Milk, moderate amount

How to make

(1) Soak the washed pork liver in a milk-filled saucer.
(2) Chop the red paprika, cabbage and chives into small pieces.
(3) Rinse the milk-soaked pork liver in water and remove moisture using a wax paper for cooking
(4) Coat the pork liver with potato starch.
(5) Grease the pan with cooking oil and fry the pork liver.
(6) Once the pork liver is cooked, add the chopped vegetables. Season with salt, pepper, and oyster sauce.

Tamagoyaki(Japanese egg omelette) with natto

*Packed natto, 2 packs
*4 eggs
*Nameko mushroom, 100g
*Chives, 1/2 bundle
*Vegetable oil

How to make

(1) Using a bowl, mix the natto and its sauce together with nameko mushrooms and eggs.
(2) Grease the fry pan. Once it is hot, pour bowl’s contents onto it.
(3) Cook over medium heat and cover.
(4) Season with salt and pepper.

■ Chicken wings and boiled eggs

*Chicken wings, 12 pieces
*3 eggs
*Water, 400ml
*Sugar, 2 tbsp
*Soy sauce, 3 tbsp
*Mirin (sweet rice wine), 2 tbsp
*Cooking sake, 1 tbsp

How to make

(1) Boil eggs using a saucepan. Peel off the shells once the boiling is done.
(2) Add the chicken wings to the greased frying pan. Cook golden brown on both sides.
(3) Remove excess oil using a tissue paper for cooking.
(4) Add water, sugar, soy sauce, mirin, sake and chicken wings to the saucepan. Boil for around 20 minutes until the chicken wings become soft.
(5) Remove from heat, add the boiled eggs and set aside for around half a day.

3. Habits that worsen acne

Other than dietary habits, having daily skincare activities and correcting your lifestyle habits are also important in getting rid of acne.

3-1. Do a proper facial cleansing

Keeping your face clean is also very important in order to prevent the worsening of acne, as well as not allowing acne scars to remain on your face. There are main 4 tips to remember when washing your face.

*Clean your hands

眠気を覚ますツボ 手洗い

Our hands have many bacteria living on them. If you wash your face with such hands, you only spread out bacteria throughout your face. If you have acne in particular, bacteria worsens it.

*Wash your face up to two times a day
Too much washing only damages your skin. Necessary skin oils also get washed, therefore leading to dry skin, as well increase in secretion of sebum. Wash your face only two times a day: one in the morning and one in the evening.

*Gently apply a well-lathered foam to your skin
Friction, which occurs while washing your face, damages your skin. Create a well-lathered foam from your facial cleanser using a foaming net, and gently apply it to your skin with your finger cushions.

*Make sure not to leave any soap after rinsing

洗顔  女性
Be careful not leave any soap on your forehead, temples, jaws and others after rinsing. Otherwise, the remaining soap would clog the pores, therefore causing acne.

3-2. Get enough sleep

Sleeping has relaxation effects to your heart and body, and promotes proper regeneration of your skin. Lack of sleep leads to stress buildup, secretion of male hormones, increased secretion of sebum, and clogging of pores.

In addition, improper skin regeneration causes unnecessary keratin to remain on skin and leads to clogged pores. Skin regeneration occurs between 10:00pm to 2:00am, so try to sleep early as much as possible.

3-3. Do not build up stress

If you felt stressed, secretion of male hormones, as well as sebum, increases. Excess sebum blocks skin pores, therefore causing acne. Females are easily prone to acne because they secrete luteal hormones whose function is similar to male hormones.
Try to make some time for relaxation whenever you felt constantly stressed.

3-4. Abstain from foods that cause acne

Careful attention is required when eating too much food that promote secretion of sebum and cause acne, and the ones that put weigh to the stomach.

*Oily foods

ニキビ 食事

The grease from oily foods such as snacks, fried foods, chocolate and confectionery turns into sebum as it is. As a result, secretion of sebum increases, therefore causing acne.

*Sugary foods
Our body breaks down sugars from sweet foods we consume such as confectioneries and soft drinks by using B vitamins (vitamin B2, vitamin B6, etc.) and minerals in large amounts. As a result, our body’s function of suppressing over secretion of sebum weakens, therefore leading to clogged pores and acne.

*Spicy foods
Spicy foods cause inflammation of acne as they promote blood circulation. Blood circulation isn’t bad for acne, but spicy foods have strong stimulating effects which cause enough overacceleration of blood circulation. In addition, irritants from spicy foods put a weigh to the stomach during digestion.

3-5. Clean your bedding

Change your pillowcase and bedsheets at least one per three days.
Cleaning bedsheets frequently is a sore, so try to at least place towels on places where your face get in contact with and put them in the laundry after waking up.
10:00pm to 2:00am is the time when secretion of growth hormones occur the most, and when metabolism and renewal become active. As a result, the secretion of sebum and sweat increases, causing your bedding to get stained by sebum and sweat. Such dirt sticks to dust and become a breeding ground for bacteria, which then cause skin irritation.

3-6. Move your body

生理痛 緩和 運動

Moving your body doesn’t only improve blood circulation, but it prompts skin renewal as well. Moving your body in moderation also improves the quality of your sleep, makes skin renewal to function properly, and improves your skin condition. You may also do something simple such as stretching and walking.

3-7. Supplements

If you find cooking acne-fighting foods daily troublesome, we recommend you to use supplements.
We recommend to use the supplement which contains nutrients that centers on vitamins for fighting acne.
The nutrients effective against acne are: vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, collagen, minerals (iron and zinc) and others.

4. Go to the hospital if you want to treat your acne quickly


If your acne is so persistent despite you made changes in your dietary and lifestyle habits, and repeatedly did some skin care, then go to the hospital without hesitation. The medical term for acne is “acne vulgaris.”
If you could, see a dermatologist right away before your acne become serve through inflammation.

5. Summary

How is it when we introduced you some foods that are effective against acne? You should be able to cure your acne problems from scratch while be careful not only to the meals you eat, but also your lifestyle habits.
If your acne problem won’t go away no matter how much you do against it, there are clinics that specializes in treating acne, so go there and consult a physician.

*The information in this article is provided on April 28, 2015.
Be aware that the effects or results provided in this article vary by individual.