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Is Yours Alright? Identify The Types of Hair Whorl Baldness

つむじ はげ

Have you ever noticed a hairless spot on your scalp? Have you ever wondered if it’s baldness or just a normal hair whorl? What is a hair whorl anyway and why is it hairless? More importantly, is it a sign of impending hair loss? Hair loss around the whorl area can be stopped before it becomes serious the earlier it is addressed. First of all however, since many people tend to confuse a normal hair whorl with hair loss, let’s take a look at the difference between the two so you can check your scalp and determine what the best way to address the problem is.

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Less Irritating Facial Cleansing for Men!

クレンジング 男

”I use foundation / concealer.” “I want to use cleansing because I’m concerned about my blackheads.” Would you like to know the correct way of using cleansing agent? Recently, awareness of beauty is increasing among men and number of men who regularly do cleansing is increasing. However the purpose is slightly different from women’s. Men use it to remove “sunblock / concealer” and “blackhead around the nose”. Indeed, sometimes foundation and concealer cannot be completely removed with facial foam only. Further, blackheads in pores can be easily removed if you apply oil (cleansing oil) on the pores. Today, I am introducing about effects / meanings of men’s cleansing, correct way […]

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Acne-fighting Foods that You Would Like to Eat


It is said that vitamins are good for fighting acne, but there are specific foods that are also effective against it. You would like to know what are those foods, right? Here, we will introduce you these acne-fighting foods. Nutrients centering on vitamins are deeply involved in preventing and curing acne, so you can expect great results by actively taking in these nutrients. We will introduce foods that are effective against acne and acne scars, as well as the foods that cause acne if consumed in huge amounts.

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Is Egg White Facial Washing Effective? [Tested for 7-days]


It may sound a little strange to “wash your face with egg white” doesn’t it? The egg white facial washing method is secretly in topic these days. But does it really work? We would like to introduce and share to you our results of actually testing the egg white facial washing method for 7 days.

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Develop Your Skin’s Innate Ability with Olive Oil Cleansing

オリーブオイル クレンジング

Develop your skin’s innate ability with olive oil cleansing You might think “In this day, everything is natural product!”, “I want to try cleansing with olive oil but how should I do it?” or “Can I use the one in the kitchen?” Cleansing using pure olive oil is also beauticians’ topic. Although it requires more time compared to cleansing agent on the market which is produced for easy removal of dirt, the pure natural ingredients bring your skin to life and it will reborn as trouble-less skin. However, it does not mean that it gets on well with everyone’s skin, and correct knowledge is important. Today, I am introducing how […]

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