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Eat to get slim? The effects and methods of Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet

おかゆ ダイエット

You would want to try on dieting from today without any exercises or going to a beauty-treatment clinic, won’t you? The “Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet” which is one of the currently hot topic grants your desire. You can begin Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet by using ordinary white rice easily without buying any expensive diet food. Does it truly have the said effects? We compared it with other methods of diet. We will introduce about the effects of Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet and essential points to have a successful result. 1.What is Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet? Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet is a very simple way of […]

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The 7 Acupressure Points for Curing Constipation and the Correct Ways of Pressing Them


For people who are suffering from constipation, does the existence of acupressure points for curing constipation and where to press them haven’t crossed your mind? It is said that 70 percent among women in their 20s to 30s suffer from constipation. It would be better for most women who are suffering from constipation to cure it with their acupressure points! We will now explain to you the acupressure points for curing constipation and the places where to press them.   1. Can a acupressure point cure constipation? Yes, you can expect your constipation to be cured by pressing acupressure points to stimulate the functions of your intestines. Constipation mostly occur […]

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