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Measures against Armpit Stains Caused by Sweat

脇汗 対策

Have you ever had any experience when you feel hot but cannot take off your jacket because of your ugly armpit sweat stains? We know it cannot be helped because the armpits are sweaty parts of our body, but it is embarrassing all the same and we would like to prevent it if possible. Let’s find out the causes of underarm excessive sweating and work out countermeasures against sweat stains.

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How to Wash Your Body

体 洗い方

How do you usually wash your body? Let’s take a look at a few washing tips that are not only gentle on skin but also guaranteed to help keep your body clean! Today, we’ll go over not only the proper way of washing your body, but also how to choose body soap. We’ll also go over a few recommended body wash items. Without further ado, let’s learn the dos and don’ts of proper washing and keep our bodies squeaky clean!

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Say Goodbye to Décolleté Acne Once And for All!

デコルテ ニキビ

Have you ever had to deal with décolleté acne and wondered what the best way to get rid of it is? Well fret not! There is a proper, correct way to rid yourself of décolleté acne without risk of improper care and maintenance. Let’s take a look at the most effective points to take note of in order to treat décolleté acne and prevent it from recurring. 1.What causes décolleté acne? Next to the face and head, the décolleté area (area including the chest and neck) has the densest concentration of sebaceous glands, steeping the area in sebum and making it more prone to pimple growth. The four reasons listed […]

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Does Your Back Itch? Causes And Remedies for Back Itch.

背中 かゆい

Back itching can get pretty irritating and uncomfortable, can’t it? It can’t hurt to scratch it since it doesn’t really get a lot of exposure in the first place, right? Not so fast. Scratching oftentimes worsens the problem. Today, we’ll take a look at the primary causes of back itching and a few remedies to help deal with the itching. But again, first thing’s first – do NOT scratch it. As with just about everything else, understanding the root cause of the problem is the key to solving it. Let’s go over more appropriate remedies for itching and say goodbye to itching today!

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Eat to get slim? The effects and methods of Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet

おかゆ ダイエット

You would want to try on dieting from today without any exercises or going to a beauty-treatment clinic, won’t you? The “Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet” which is one of the currently hot topic grants your desire. You can begin Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet by using ordinary white rice easily without buying any expensive diet food. Does it truly have the said effects? We compared it with other methods of diet. We will introduce about the effects of Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet and essential points to have a successful result. 1.What is Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet? Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet is a very simple way of […]

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Is This The Cause of Smelly Feet?


Why do our feet smell? Why do our own feet stink even though we’re living the same as everyone else? Do you want to know the cause, right? We tried to focus on foot odor and its causes this time. Even if we use spray to cover the bad odor, it won’t completely solve the problem unless we provided thorough care and treatment to our feet. Introduced here is the arrangement of foot care methods, so please use it as reference. 1. Is this the cause of our smelly feet? The root cause of the bad odor is the growth of bacteria on our foot. The decomposition of sebum, keratin […]

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Causes of Calf Swelling and 4 ways to get rid of them

Calf Swelling1

“My legs seem to be getting fatter”. “My legs feel heavy and sluggish”. Are you familiar with those experiences? Swelling below the waist of your body, especially of the calves, is difficult to deal with and uncomfortable. Before you think that you cannot help it because it is your physical tendency and give up, try to determine the causes of your swelling and try out the remedies. 1.Why is Calf Swelling uncomfortable and noticeable? Our legs tend to easily get swollen compared to the other parts of our body, but when you feel swelling in any part of your body, that often means all of your body is swollen. If […]

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Can we remove neck wrinkles? 3 causes and how to get rid of them.

neck wrinkles

As we get older, we have more wrinkles on the neck. Haven’t you ever thought of getting rid of them? After all, your effort spent on your facial treatments would not be rewarded if your neck wrinkles make you look older, which would terribly shock you. Well, we cannot help getting some wrinkles as we age, but we want to look young by getting rid of them as much as possible, right? So, today, here in this article, you will learn some causes of wrinkles and the treatment methods so that you can reduce your neck wrinkles even a little. 1.Prevention first when it comes to neck wrinkles Sad to […]

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How to Get Rid of Facial Swelling (Edema) in 5 minutes in the morning


Doesn’t your face swell again in the next morning even you got rid of it? Putting makeup on your swollen face won’t brighten you up either that you wouldn’t want to go outside. The methods on getting rid of the swelling in the morning in a single effort are explained here. Facial swelling (edema) isn’t just only a facial problem, but it also acts as an SOS signal from your body. Letting your face swell only increases other problems, and that “swelling” will change into “sagging” before you knew it. In order to prevent your face from swelling, the basic methods on solving the problem and what the swelling is […]

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