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10 Causes of Excessive Yawning. Might Be Medical Problems!


“I yawn so many times a day, and I’m worried about it.” “I may have some diseases or illness because I yawn so often.” Are these worries bothering you? We yawn for various reasons, but yawning may be a symptom of an underlying medical problem. Yawning is most often done when we are sleepy and it usually stops without doing anything special. But the type of yawning, which may be a sign of disease, might be repeated many times a day and almost every day. Regarding those yawns that you can’t stop, let us divide them into two groups; the one with a sign of disease and the other without […]

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Suffering from Chilblains? 3 Ways to Treat And Prevent It

しもやけ 治し方

These chilblains sure are itchy! What’s the best way to get rid of them? These thoughts have probably crossed your mind if you’ve ever had to suffer through chilblains before. Today, we’ll take a look at some ways to treat chilblain symptoms, as well some methods to help prevent chilblains from occurring in the first place.

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Itchy And Painful? It’s The Metal That Causes The Symptoms!

金属アレルギー 症状

Have you ever had any symptom of sudden itchiness when wearing a precious metal accessory, such as a necklace or pierced earrings? Having those sudden symptoms, aren’t you ever worried about a possibility of metal allergy? If you have ever had those symptoms caused by metallic accessories, your skin may have developed an allergic reaction against that particular metal. Sudden onset of metal allergy symptoms can be observed even with those who have never had these symptoms before. Now you are increasingly concerned about the specific symptoms of metal allergies, and the cause of the sudden developments. Here you can find out all the details!

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7 Food Remedies and Measures to Prevent Colds

風邪予防 食べ物

Feeling that you are prone to catching colds or that you often pick up somebody’s cold? Then, wouldn’t it be great if you can prevent colds by choosing the right foods? Causes for catching and aggravating colds have a lot to do with your body’s internal environment. Therefore, you can prevent colds by choosing the right foods. Today, we would like to introduce some foods effective for cold prevention. If you are susceptible to catching colds, try to eat in a positive way those foods introduced in this article.

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Food Suggestions to Help Fight Anemia? This Is The answer!


Food and anemia are intricately linked, as you can imagine. Once you have an onset of anemia, your only option is to visit a hospital as it cannot be treated through self-medication. However, in many cases anemia is caused by lifestyle and eating habits that are well within the sufferer’s control. Today, we’ll take a look at things to take note of on a daily basis, such recommended food for anemia sufferers, and eating habits to help prevent the onset of symptoms. Let’s get started!

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Constipation Remedies by Symptoms That You Can Do Today!

妊娠 便秘 症状

You feel gloomy when you think of the number of days you have gone through since your stomach bloated. But, we hope that you would cure constipation in a natural way without relying to medicines as much as possible. There are four different types of constipation. The methods to be taken are suitable with each lifestyle and could be enough for curing the ailment. We will introduce the ways of curing constipation for those who are suffering from it. 1. Type of constipation and causes Constipation is divided into two types according to symptoms and causes: functional constipation and organic constipation. Functional constipation is then further divided into three types: […]

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What Causes Anemia? It’s Not Just Iron Deficiency!

貧血 原因

People suffering from anemia, how long have you been experiencing symptoms? Anemia is no cakewalk, for sure. One day your just not feeling up to it, then you’re suddenly feeling the onset of symptoms, then finding yourself not being able to stand…it’s a tough road many anemia sufferers have probably walked in the past. Although anemia is surprisingly not taken as seriously as it should, it’s actually an SOS from the body. Knowledge is power as they say. Knowing the causes and types of anemia is your first step towards winning your battle with it!

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What Causes Premenstrual Drowsiness? 5 Ways to Deal with It

眠気を覚ますツボ 仮眠

Have you ever experienced a sudden bout of extreme drowsiness right before your monthly period? Have you ever found yourself struggling to find a solution that will keep you awake? Premenstrual drowsiness is part of a collection of physical and mental symptoms that occur prior to menstruation, more commonly known as “Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).” More than half of women who experience PMS symptoms also experience premenstrual drowsiness. Let’s take a look at the causes of premenstrual drowsiness and explore ways to keep those eyelids up. 1.What is premenstrual drowsiness? Extreme drowsiness prior to your monthly period is a symptom of “Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).” Let’s look at the causes and timeframes […]

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Prevent Swelling During Menstruation! The 4 Don’ts.

生理 むくみ

Even if we are aware that menstruation is the culprit, looking at our swollen face or feet makes us feel gloomy that we don’t want to go outside. Swelling that occurs before or during menstruation can be cured by massaging to promote blood flow. It can be also kept from occurring if you performed measures on it in advance. I will introduce the methods on curing swellings as early as possible, and the things that you must not do before and during menstruation.

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Menstrual Cramps Symptoms and Ways on How to Relieve Them

豆乳の効果 生理痛

You feel pain and discomfort during your menstrual periods, but have you felt uneasiness about them, wondering that they might be symptoms by menstrual cramps, or some sort of abnormalities in your body? Around 70 to 80% of women in their monthly periods feel some sort of menstrual cramps symptoms. Menstrual cramps symptoms come in wide varieties, and the way of feeling them varies by individual, so you may feel uneasy wondering if the symptom is caused by menstrual cramps. We will now introduce you menstrual cramps symptoms, the causes of menstrual cramps and the ways of relieving them. 1. Menstrual cramps symptoms Menstrual cramps symptoms vary by persons, and […]

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l and Healthy with Amazake (Sweet Fermented Rice Drink)!

甘酒 効果

Upon hearing that drinking Amazake (Sweet fermented rice drink) is good for your body, probably you have wondered about what kind of effects it bring. Amazake (Sweet fermented rice drink) is almost made of the same components as an IV drip fluid that it is called as “drinkable IV drip fluid” because it is rich in nutrients. Amazake (Sweet fermented rice drink), the “drinkable IV drip fluid,” is not supposedly bad for your body! Here, we would like to introduce you the effects of Amazake (Sweet fermented rice drink) and the ways on how to drink it.

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Wonderful Effects of Soy Milk!


Soy milk is commonly found in supermarkets and convenience stores. Perhaps you’re thinking about what kind of benefits does soy milk bring to your health and if it’s really good for your body, right? It is said that the soy bean nutrients found in soy milk bring wonderful benefits to your beauty, such as maintaining your skin’s health and supporting your diet. Soy milk also brings healthy benefits, such as improving your bowel movement and preventing lifestyle-related diseases. We will introduce the benefits of drinking soy milk and the more effective ways on drinking it. For those who drink soy milk, as well as those who are planning to do […]

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Effects of Foot Bath and How to Enjoy It

足湯 効果

There are probably lots of people wondering what kinds of effects does warming their own feet bring at a foot bath? Our feet chill very easily since they are far from our heart, but it is said that warming our feet at a foot bath brings many wonderful effects to our body! We would like to introduce you the appeal of foot bath which promises wonderful effects, as well as ways on enjoying it.

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Relieve Your Eye Strain by Pressing 7 Acupressure Points


Have you ever experienced such severe eye strain that you cannot focus on your work? Have you ever experienced tired and heavy eyes one way or anotherpress Are you thinking of addressing your eye strain problem by learning to press on acupressure points? There must be a lot of people who suffer from eye strain due to lengthy use of personal computers and smart-phones etc. You can relieve such eye strain with pressing on acupressure points! So, today, here in this article, you will learn acupressure points and how to press on these points to relieve eye strain that many people suffer from. 1. Seven Acupressure Points to Relieve Your […]

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Refresh Your Mind and Body! 3 Methods to Improve the Quality of Sleep

Quality of Sleep

Have you ever experienced situations when you get a good sleep every day, but then you feel groggy and exhausted in the morning? The reason behind it is not the “sleeping time,” but the “quality of sleep”. If you enhance the quality of sleep, you can not only wake up feeling good in the morning but also increase your performance in the daytime and get the delighted effects on your body. Thereupon, we are going to introduce the 3 ways which improve your quality of sleep to lighten your mind and body. 1.What is good quality of sleep? It is said that the good quality of sleep is “having deep […]

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The 7 Acupressure Points for Curing Constipation and the Correct Ways of Pressing Them


For people who are suffering from constipation, does the existence of acupressure points for curing constipation and where to press them haven’t crossed your mind? It is said that 70 percent among women in their 20s to 30s suffer from constipation. It would be better for most women who are suffering from constipation to cure it with their acupressure points! We will now explain to you the acupressure points for curing constipation and the places where to press them.   1. Can a acupressure point cure constipation? Yes, you can expect your constipation to be cured by pressing acupressure points to stimulate the functions of your intestines. Constipation mostly occur […]

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