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Less Irritating Facial Cleansing for Men!

クレンジング 男

”I use foundation / concealer.” “I want to use cleansing because I’m concerned about my blackheads.” Would you like to know the correct way of using cleansing agent?

Recently, awareness of beauty is increasing among men and number of men who regularly do cleansing is increasing.
However the purpose is slightly different from women’s. Men use it to remove “sunblock / concealer” and “blackhead around the nose”.

Indeed, sometimes foundation and concealer cannot be completely removed with facial foam only.
Further, blackheads in pores can be easily removed if you apply oil (cleansing oil) on the pores.

Today, I am introducing about effects / meanings of men’s cleansing, correct way of doing cleansing, and recommended products.

”Cleansing” herein is different from facial wash.

1. Purpose of using cleansing oil by men

There are 2 reasons that men use cleansing agent.

・Remove base makeup such as sunblock and concealer
・Intensive care to improve blackhead around nose

There is no problem to use cleansing oil for these purposes, but it is better to use different cleansing oil for each purpose.
I am introducing below the purpose and correct knowledge of using cleansing oil.

1-1. Remove base makeup such as sunblock and concealer


It is very difficult to completely remove makeup such as sunblock and concealer / foundation only with facial foam.
Cosmetics are oil base, and the oil-based dirt can be most effectively removed with oil-based material.

Do you have experience of trying to remove the letters wrote with oil-based pen with soap or hand soap but couldn’t be removed?
It is because the main ingredient of soap/ hand soap is not oil base.
If you write with an oil-based pen, you can easily remove it off by rubbing with olive oil or cleansing oil.

Same as makeup, it can be somehow removed with facial foam like oil-based pen.
However, you have to keep rubbing with strong pressure and repeatedly wash, and it will cause rough skin or wrinkles/freckles if you do it everyday since skin is easily affected by rubbing.

Therefore, use cleansing oil if you use sunblock or concealer.
However, it does not mean that you can use any cleansing oil but you have to choose cleansing oil depending on heaviness of makeup and what kind of cosmetics you use.

If you have base makeup using sunblock, concealer or foundation, use “Cleansing milk” or “Cleansing cream”!
Of course it can be completely removed with other oil type, liquid type and wipe-off type, but base makeup such as small amount of sunblock or concealer can be also removed with cleansing milk or cleansing cream which is the least cleansing power, so better to choose one which is gentle on the skin and does not give unnecessary damage to the skin.

And if you have other than above-mentioned makeup, use point makeup remover for point makeup such as mouth and eye areas.

1-2. Intensive care to improve blackheads around nose


Blackheads are caused when secreted sebum is mixed with dust and stock in pores and oxidized.
This pore clogging can be cleaned little by little though usual facial wash.

However, I recommend you to do special care if you would like to quickly improve it without damaging your skin.

If you would like to do something on aforementioned blackheads around nose, use “Olive oil”!
You can of course see the improvement when you use normal cleansing oil, but if your purpose is to clean the blackheads around the nose, olive oil which does not contain cleansing component has best effect and gentle on your skin.

Since olive oil is basically not for facial use, remained oil might cause pimples or rough skin. Please make sure to wash your face properly using facial foam.

2. How to choose cleansing oil for specific purpose

Here are the products which are gentle on your skin and have most effect for “removing base makeup such as sunblock and concealer” and “intensive care to improve blackheads around nose” for above-mentioned purpose.

2-1. Products to remove base makeup such as sunblock and concealer

Products which are gentle on the skin and can completely remove base makeup are “cleansing cream” or “Cleansing milk”.

There is moderate thickness (solidity) between hands and face which keeps pressure by rubbing minimum to the skin, and also since the cleansing power is weaker than other cleansing agent, it does not take necessary sebum off from the skin.

2-2. Product for intensive care to improve blackheads around nose

A product which does not give damage to the skin and completely remove blackheads around nose is “Olive oil”.
Such blackheads are made when sebum is clogged in the pores and the sebum gets oxidized over time, but the sebum is originally oil dirt.
As I mentioned before, oil dirt can be most effectively removed with oil, so olive oil is be best since it is oil itself, and it is also gentle on the skin.

You might feel uncomfortable with the stickiness at first, but try patiently using it for at least 1 month then you will feel that your pores become unnoticeable.

You can also find pore cleaner pack on the market, but it is not recommended.
The pores further open as you peel the pack by force, and the adhesion itself gives damage to the skin and sometimes gives opposite effect.

* Watch out for the expiry date of olive oil *

Since most olive oils do not contain preservatives, please make sure to follow the expiry date of the product.
If you use expired products, you might get opposite result.

3. Correct way of doing cleansing

Most of men tend to look at which product to use, but the most important thing is to use the product correctly.
If you use it wrong, it cannot only give full effect but also causing increase damage and irritation to the skin.

And if you have point makeup around eye / mouth area, remove it with point makeup remover before using cleansing cream or cleansing milk.

3-1. Cleansing cream

1)Clean your hands

眠気を覚ますツボ 手洗い

Many bacteria adhere on your hands. If you touch your face with your hands in such condition, it might cause skin trouble, so clean your hands first.
And wipe your hands well after washing so no water left on your hands.

2)Place cleansing cream on your hand

手 乗せる

Check the instruction about the usage. If no instruction, use amount of half-dollar coin-size and place on your hand.

3)Warm the cleansing cream with your hands

手 なじませる

Warm it up as gently massage with your hands. Warm your hands up with hot water before placing cream if your hands are cold during winter.
This is called phase inversion and become base of cleansing cream.

4)Apply it on T-zone first and next U-zone

To minimize damage to the skin, apply it on your forehead which is the strongest skin are in the face. Spread it out toward to nose, chin and finally cheek.

Gently massage in a circle with your ball of your fingers but not with the palm of your hands.

5)Apply it around eyes and mouth areas

Use it for eyes and mouth areas only when you have point makeup. Most of you have only base makeup, so skip this process if not necessary.
Skin of eyes and mouth areas is thin among the face, so small amount of cream is enough.

6)Add water on your face
Add water on whole face before washing so that you can easily wash away when you rinse without rubbing.

7)Wash away gently

洗顔 洗い流す

Wash like scooping water with your hands and putting it on your face. Aim to rinse more than 20 times. Wash well especially your forehead (hairline) where is hardly wash.

8)Wash with facial foam

洗顔 頬

After using cleansing cream, you need to basically wash your face. Wash the cream away well since if the surfactant (cleansing component) contained in the cleansing cream is left on your face, it will cause dried skin.
And if it says no double wash is needed, you can just quickly rinse it in water.

9)Get moisture gently with a towel

洗顔 タオルでふく

Place a long fur towel gently on your face to get moisture. Since the skin after wash becomes delicate, strong rubbing will cause it getting damage.

3-2.Cleansing milk

Basic steps are same as 【3-1.Cleansing cream】.
There are “No double wash needed” and also “Need to double wash” for cleansing milk, so read the instruction well before use.

3-3.Olive oil

1)Wash your hands

眠気を覚ますツボ 手洗い

Same as cream and milk, make your hands clean. Since olive oil does not agree with water, get moisture well after washing your hands.

2)Warm your face up to open the pores


Warm your face up with lukewarm water or steamed towel. Warming up will help you easily removing the blackheads in pores. Try it if you want to have maximum effect!
↓Please see below for how to prepare a steamed towel

3)Place olive oil on your hand

オリーブオイル 手

Place olive oil of half-dollar size amount on your hand, warm the oil up as covering it with both hands to make it watery state.

4)Massage the spots with blackheads well

Place oil on the spots with blackheads, and massage well in circle for 1-2 minutes with your middle finger and third finger. Even it becomes too smooth with oil, do not rub too hard.

5)Absorb oil with a kitchen paper
Place a kitchen paper on your face to absorb olive oil.
You may use tissue as substitute if you do not have kitchen paper.

⑥Absorb oil with a steamed towel
Place a steamed towel for 10-20 seconds to absorb remained oil. If you still feel oil, repeat this twice.
⑦Wash your face with facial foam

If the oil is left on your face, it clogs again after the blackheads care, so wash well with facial foam. If you have dry / sensitive skin, quick wash is enough.
⑧Wipe gently with a towel

Do not rub. Just place a towel on your face and absorb water.

How to prepare a steamed towel

1)Make a face towel wet, squeeze until no drop falls and roll it.
2)Place it on a plate and heat for 1 minute without a cover.
3)Take it out from microwave, spread and place it on your face

If you feel it is still too hot, wait for a while.


How was it?
Men’s cleansing are divided into 2 major group such as “removing base makeup (sunblock etc.)” and “removing blackheads”, and you should choose different cleansing agent depending on the purpose.
You should have correct knowledge and understand well about the usage before using.
Wrong way of use might cause opposite effect.

Not only women but also men want to maintain their beauty.

Persistence pays off. Continue doing these patiently.

This article contains information from April 13, 2016 (last update).
Further, please understand that the effects / results differ among individuals.