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Eat to get slim? The effects and methods of Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet

おかゆ ダイエット

You would want to try on dieting from today without any exercises or going to a beauty-treatment clinic, won’t you?
The “Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet” which is one of the currently hot topic grants your desire.

You can begin Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet by using ordinary white rice easily without buying any expensive diet food.
Does it truly have the said effects? We compared it with other methods of diet.

We will introduce about the effects of Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet and essential points to have a successful result.

1.What is Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet?

Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet is a very simple way of diet which only requires you to change the white rice you take as your daily meal, to Okayu (rice porridge). Rice cooked as porridge has absorbed plenty of water, so we can full our stomachs and decrease the amount of rice and main dish we eat at the time.

You can perform a healthful diet as you take nutrition without any stress.

*Okayu (Japanse rice porridge) is a dish which is cooked by stewing white rice or chestnut with plenty of water. This is a typical dish consumed in Japan when one suffers from flu, or when their stomach and intestines are weak as this dish is easy to digest.

2.The ways of Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet

All you have to do is to change the usual white rice to porridge. You can eat side dishes as usual, but please pay attention to the nutrition balance.

-The amount of white rice
Use about 50 to 70% of the white rice you usually take.

-The amount of water
The typical Okayu (rice porridge) you will see, uses the following proportion of water; white rice: water = 1 : 7 (shichibugayu). However, the Okayu (rice porridge) is called in different names depending on the amount of water.


The more the amount of water you use, the hardly you feel full; the less amount of water you use, the easily you feel full.
We suggest that you usually perform your diet with Shichibugayu, and when you want to consume fewer calories as possible, make necessary arrangements by changing the amount of water to cook Sanbugayu and others.


For those starting from now, you may do so by changing one of your daily 3 meals to Okayu (rice porridge).

It is better not to eat side dishes which are deep-fried food or foods with deviated nutritional balance. You can get better effects at the early stage if you consume well-balanced meals and taking in lots of vegetables.
-We recommend freezing cooked white rice for every meal in containers.

*Please consume the frozen stock within a week.

3.The reason why you can get slim with Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet.

There are 3 why you can get slim with Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet.

1) The amount you eat increases yet the calories you intake decrease

Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) contains plenty of water content, so you can decrease the amount of white rice and calorie you intake.

For example a bowl of white rice has 250 kcal.
This means that if you cut down 50% of white rice, the amount of calories become 125 kcal.
If you changed the white rice of all 3 daily meals into porridge, you can reduce 375 kcal in a day.

If you continued doing that for a month, you can cut down 11,250 kcal.
You need to burn 7,000 kcal to lose 1 kg of your weight so simply calculating, you can lose 1.6 kg in a month.

2) Improves your metabolism

You take Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) while its hot compared to usual white rice and it leads to improve your metabolism and warming your body.
It has effects on improving your circulation of the blood and constipation.

3) Prevents speed-eating

Hot Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) can prevent you from eating quickly.
Eating slowly stimulates satiety center (located in hypothalamus and creates the feeling of fullness), and you can feel fullness easily.
This has a function of sending signal of fullness when you take water, you bite many times, your blood sugar rises, or the wall of your stomach expands. It is said to be the reason why we can feel fullness.

Generally speaking, the satiety center is stimulated 20 minutes after eating, so there is a possibility that you eat too much when you eat quickly. However, your satiety center is stimulated by drinking a cup of water or biting many times, and you can prevent eating too much.

4.Is Zosui or Ojiya (porridge containing vegetables and bits of meat or fish) also alright for this diet?

Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) is cooked by increasing the water upon cooking the rice itself, wherein a Zosui is a type of porridge that is cooked with dashi stock and other ingredients, using a rice cooked once. Ojiya is cooked by putting white rice into the left over of a hot pot.

The difference of each is just the cooking method. Thinking from the amount of water, any of these can be used for Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet.

However, thinking of the fact that Zosui and Ojiya contain other ingredients, making them to have higher calorie than Okayu, it can be said that Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) has the best effects on your diet.

5.Comparing with other diet method

We compared with other diet method see how much Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet can be recommended.

We chose general ways of diet such as dietary restrictions diet which is a method to remove carbohydrate or glucide from your intake, diet replacing one of your 3 daily meals to shake, taking exercise into your daily life, and slimming aesthetic.

The following items are evaluated on the expenditure on your diet, the term until you achieve weight reduction (immediate effect), toleration/painfulness, less prone to rebounding, and balanced nutrition.

Diet Method Comparison


Consequently, it is easy for beginners to try on this Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet.
You don’t need to prepare special things and it has high cost performance. We suggest to those who once failed on other method, or just began their diet to try on Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet!

6.Tips on making Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet a success


Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet has some disadvantages such as making you easily feel hungry and it takes time to feel the actual effect, so please be aware of these 3 points before you start.

6-1. Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) doesn’t keep you full for long

The amount of food you intake is decreasing, so you cannot help feeling hungry in short span of time.
In addition Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) is tender and you don’t bite many times.
That will lead to weaken stimulation on your satiety center and there is a possibility that you cannot get the feeling of fullness.

Tip 1: Biting many times

You tend to swallow Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) without biting many times as it is soft. However biting many times is inevitable on diet. Please bite at least 30 times before you swallow, and prevent speed-eating.

Tip 2: Coping with your hunger

Please try following things when you feel hungry.


- Drinking water or carbonated drink (with zero glucide and calorie).

- Brushing your teeth (toothpaste leaves an aftertaste in your mouth therefore losing your appetite).

- Eating gum, candy, sea tangle or dried cuttlefish (biting many times leads to stimulate satiety center).

- Smelling some aroma oils which suppress your appetite (patchouli, ylang-ylang or cedarwood).

6-2. It has low immediate effect

Those who want to get big effects as soon as possible could be unsatisfied because this method is just only decreasing the amount of meals.
The speed of weight reduction is slow and your body becomes harder to reduce weight at a certain point.

Tip 3: Using other ways of diets together

It is good to perform not only Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet, but also other method of reducing weight such as walking, stretching and so on. This way, you will be able to feel more effect of diet.

There are some possibilities that you fail on diet by conducting too many methods at once, so try bringing in other diet methods at the pace you can afford once your body is used to the Okayu (rice porridge) diet, and the reduction of your weight has become stable.

Tips 4: Not making strict rules

Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet is a type of diet that can expect weight reduction in a healthy manner as long as you continue it. The worst thing to do is to commit over-eating or drinking during the diet, or discontinuing it.

For example if you try eating Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) for all 3 of your daily meals, the nutrition balance will collapse, and there is also an possibility that you will feel like you don’t even want to see the Okayu, or you get bored of it. In order to avoid such situations, it is important not to make strict rules but rather start from eating it when you ate too much the previous day etc.

Of course we understand that you want to feel the effect as soon as possible, but the possibilities you feel stressed or rebounding will increase the more you force yourself.

7.How to cook Okayu (Japanese rice porridge)


7-1. Using cooked white rice

-Cooked white rice: 0.6 Go (1 Go is approximately 150g)
-Water: 100cc
-A big container

1) Put cooked white rice and water in big container and mix them softly.
*In order to prevent spilling, please use deep container.
2) Wrap the container with a plastic wrapper and heat for 3 minutes at 600w in a microwave oven.

7-2. Cooking with rice cooker

-White rice: 0.09 Go (1 Go is approximately 150g)
-Water: 700 cc (for shichibugayu)
*Reference of the amount of water
Sanbugayu (rice : water = 1 : 20) – 2000 cc
Gobugayu ( rice : water = 1 : 10) – 1000 cc
Zengayu ( rice: water = 1 : 5 ) – 500 cc

1) Put white rice and water in rice cooker. Please follow the line which is marked inside the iron pot of the rice cooker for Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) (If any).
2) If the rice cooker has the function for making Okayu (Japanese rice porridge), please choose that mode.
*If you cook at the usual mode for white rice, there is a possibility of the rice spilling out from the steam port.

7-3. Cooking with pot

-White rice: 0.5 Go (1 Go is approximately 150g)
-Water: 700cc (for shichibugayu)

1) Put white rice and water in the pot and soak them for about 20 to 30 minutes.
2) Cover the pot with its lid, and cook at high (strong) flame. Turn the flame lower once it starts boiling.
3) Turn the flame off, and steam the rice by leaving cooker covered for about 20 minutes once the water starts to spout.

7-4. The more balanced nutrition recipe

Your nutrition balance will be unbalanced if you only changed white rice of your meal into Okayu (Japanese rice porridge). We will introduce some recipe or toppings that will arrange your nutrition balance, or increases your diet effect.

■ Hijiki okayu (Japanese rice porridge with edible brown algae)
Using hijiki (edible brown algae) and strips of dried radish, you can intake plenty of dietary fiber and also enjoy the mouth-feel.

-White rice …… 0.3 Go (1 Go is approximately 150g)
-Water (broth) ……470 cc
-Hikjiki (brown algae) bud ……1 tsp
-Sliced and dried daikon (white radish) ……10g

1) Before cooking, put the broth, white rice, Hijiki (brown algae) bud and sliced and dried daikon (white radish) into the pot, and set it aside for around 20 to 30 minutes.
2) In this way, you can make a dish similar to an ordinary Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) if you cook it.
*In the case you use a microwave oven, rehydrate the dried white radishes and then mix and heat them together with the rice and broth.

■ Kanten okayu (Japanese rice porridge with agar)

Adding powdered agar and chicken meat to the rice porridge produces a long-lasting feeling of satiety in your stomach and allows to properly taking in nutrients as well.

-White rice: 0.3 Go (1 Go is approximately 150g)
-Water (broth): 500 cc
-Carrot: 50 g
-Shimeji mushroom: 100g
-Chicken breast meat: 50g
-Tofu (bean curd) : 100g
-Powdered agar: about 2 teaspoons
-Salt: a pinch

1) Soak white rice in water for 20 to 30 minutes.
2) Cut carrots, Shimeji mashroom, butterflied chicken breast meat and tofu into sizes of 1cm.
3) Put the ingredients you have cut into the pot and mix softly.
4) Cooking them and add salt and powdered agar.

* In the case you use a microwave oven, before heating, please boil all of the ingredients and finally add salt and powder agar.


The basic of diet lies on well-balanced meals and taking moderate exercises.

We can suggest beginners to starting doing Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet because it is easy to prepare and diet healthfully.

When you feel concrete achievements to lose your weight, you can have confidence to try other dieting methods. Please try them by all means.

This article is translation of Japanese article, and the information listed is as of February 10, 2016 (Japan Standard Time). Please take note that this article is based on individual opinions or their impressions, and opinions may vary.