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The Wonderful Effects of Honey for Your Beauty

はちみつ 美容
Honey has a good reputation as a beauty product, but you may be wondering how good honey is specifically and how should it be used.

Honey, which is called “edible beauty essence” or “natural beauty essence”, is rich in nutrients, so it is expected to be good for your beauty, whether you eat it or apply it on your skin.

Here in this article, we will introduce you how honey works for your beauty, the ways of using it, as well as the recommended ways of choosing it.

1. What is the beauty approach of honey?

Honey contains a variety of nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2 and B6, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and calcium.

はちみつ 美容

We will explain in the following is the approach of nutrient-rich honey that brings to your beauty.

(1) Moisturizes skin

Honey has excellent moisturizing powers for your skin.

美白 美容液

When applied, honey retains the natural moisture of your skin, and it also gathers moisture from air onto your skin and retains them.

Honey is also recommended not only as a remedy for dry skin, but also for oily and dry skin as it adjusts skin balance for you.

Honey is also mostly used for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy and diaper rashes thanks to its excellent moisturizing properties and lack of irritating qualities.

はちみつ 美容 妊娠線予防

Most skin moisturizing products (lotion, skin cream, lipsticks, etc.) sold in the market contain honey.

(2) Prevents rough skin (pimples, acne scars, etc.)

Honey is effective against rough skin as it gives firmness and moisture to skin by applying.

はちみつ 美容 肌荒れ対策

Honey is rich in skin-adjusting nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin C.

Because honey may have antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties (by impairing bacterial growth and reduce inflammation), you can expect rough skin problems such as pimples and acne scars to be prevented.

(3) Anti-aging care

You can expect honey to have anti-oxidant functions included to its rich variety of vitamins to prevent oxidation of your skin and body.

*Oxidation is the degradation of skin and body caused by substances in our body called free radicals that attach to our skin.
It is said that oxidation worsens age spots and wrinkles.

はちみつ 美容 エイジングケア

By applying on skin, you can expect anti-aging care effects from honey as it prevents oxidation which is the cause of age spots and wrinkles.

(4) Weight loss support

Honey has low calories compared to sugar.
(100g of honey contains approximately 290kcal while 100g of sugar (white) contains approximately 380kcal)

はちみつ 美容 ダイエットサポート

Switching from sugar to honey cuts your calorie intake.
Also, honey instantly turns into energy for your body once taken in, so its easy-to-digest properties could be a good way of reaching your goal to lose weight.

(5) Keeps your scalp moist

The antibacterial and moisturizing properties of honey are also recommended for your scalp’s health.

はちみつ 美容 頭皮の保湿

Massaging your scalp with honey makes pores easier to unclog and keeps it clean.
You can also expect honey to prevent dandruff caused by dry skin as it moisturizes your scalp. It also makes your hair moisturized and easy to manage.

(6) Relieves constipation

Honey contains gluconic acid that is effective for relieving constipation.

豆乳の効果 便秘改善

Gluconic acid increases good bacteria, properly adjusts intestinal environment and promotes bowel movement, so you can expect constipation-relieving results by eating honey.
Relieving constipation also reduces skin problems, which also leads to having a healthy skin.

2. How to use honey which is good for beauty

Here, we will introduce the ways of using honey which you can expect pleasurable results for your beauty.
The three ways are divided into three: ways of eating honey, skin care and moisturizing methods, and scalp massage methods.

2-1. Ways of eating honey

The amount of honey to take in per day is around 2 to 3 spoons

Honey may be rich in nutrients and good for beauty, but excessive intake of it is not good for your body.
Honey having few calories than sugar does not mean that it contains zero calories at all.
Excessive intake of sugars may lead to diabetes, so be careful not to eat honey too much.

Eat without heating honey

Heating destroys a rich variety of nutrients, so let’s eat honey without heating it.

-Recipes that use honey-

・Honey banana smoothie

はちみつ 美容 スムージ


1 whole banana, 200c of soy milk, 1 tablespoon of honey

Put all ingredients to a blender. To get done, blend it until it becomes smooth.

In addition, it is also recommended to be used as a spread for your bread.

2-2. Skin care and moisturizing methods

We will introduce below the three skin care and moisturizing methods: honey pack, method on adding honey to lotions and beauty essences, and method on using honey in facial cleansing.

Honey pack

乾燥肌 食べ物 ハチミツ

Apply one tablespoon of honey on your face, spread it all over and leave it aside for around 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes, rinse your face with warm water.
Thoroughly rinse your face to make sure that no traces of honey are left behind.

Adding honey to lotions and beauty essences

ホホバオイル 効果 保湿・ハリ・潤い

Add 1 to 2 drops of honey to your lotion or beauty essence and spread it on your skin.
With the honey’s functions, they make the lotion’s moisturizing properties stronger.
Honey sticks on your face when applied as it is, so it would be better to wash your face first and use the lotion or beauty essence mixed with honey.

Honey facial cleansing

If you are bothered about applying honey with lotion or beauty essence, there is a method of making your facial washing more effective.

はちみつ 美容 洗顔

Add 1 to 2 drops of honey to your facial cleanser, properly create a foam and wash your face with it.

2-3. Scalp massaging methods

When it comes to moisturizing your scalp, massaging it with honey is recommended.

はちみつ 美容 頭皮

Wet your hair first, apply honey on your scalp and gently massage it with your fingers. It would be better to massage it for around 2 to 3 minutes. After that, use your regular shampoo.
By massaging your scalp with honey, the dirt on your scalp easily fall off.
Honey can reduce inflammation, so you can expect it to reduce itching on your scalp.

3. Methods on storing honey and reminders on using it

We will explain to your the ways of storing honey after opening, as well some reminders.

Do not use with metal containers and spoon

It is assumed that honey has a property to dissolve metal.
Do not transfer honey from its original container to metal containers. Do not use metal spoons when taking one portion of honey from its container.

はちみつ 美容

Instead, it would be better to store honey in jars that you bought and use a wooden spoon or a honey dipper.

Store in room temperature and in a dark place

When storing honey, tightly close the lid of its container and store it in a dark place in room temperature regardless of season.

Storing honey under sunlight may change its taste and flavor.
Moreover, storing honey in cold places such as refrigerator crystalizes and hardens it.

Crystallization is a natural phenomenon and it does not even affect the quality of honey once hardened, though melting it at high temperature changes its nutrients.

はちみつ 美容 冷蔵庫

Bacteria does not grow easily on honey as it has strong antibacterial properties, so its quality seldomly changes.

Honey seldomly spoil even when stored in room temperature, so try not to store it in your refrigerator even during summer.

Warm the container in hot water when melting hardened honey

Let’s warm hardened honey by submerging its container in hot water. Make sure that the water is not too hot.
*Crystallization does not affect the quality of honey, but if you do not have to melt a hardened honey if you are bothered about it.

(1) Add water to a pot, and put the jar of honey with its lid tightly sealed.
(2) Turn on heat and warm the container until they honey melts.
(3) Once the hardened honey begins to melt, stir the honey with a chopstick to melt some hardened parts.
(4) Lower down heat while observing the honey’s melting condition. The ideal temperature of the hot water is around 50 to 60 degrees.
(5)Once the honey has thoroughly and softly melted, turn off heat.

Refrain from feeding honey to children under one year of age

Do not feed children under one year of age with honey.
Honey, which main ingredients come from the nectar of flowers grown on soil, may contain a bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum.

はちみつ 美容

Eating honey is safe for adults since the bacteria die inside their bodies. On the other hand, children under one year of age has low resistance, so feeding them honey may cause infant botulism.
Until your child reaches an age of more than 1 year and have his immunity functions and resistance completely developed, do not feed him honey as much as possible.

4. Ways of choosing honey for your beauty

We will introduce here some things to keep in mind when choosing honey, as well as some recommended honey products.
There are two things to keep in my mind when choosing honey.

(1) Is the honey temperature-controlled?

The thing you should to ask yourself when choosing a honey is that if it is temperature-controlled or not.
If the honey’s temperature is not controlled during processing and delivery, its rich nutrients may be changed.
If you want to properly take in nutrients from honey, choose the ones that are properly temperature-controlled and the ones that are not heated

(2) Choose honey that are not sweetened and artificially-made

Sweetened or artificially-made honey are added with sugars, and it nutrients are destroyed when going under heating process.
Most honey like these have their nutrients and calories changed, so let’s choose honey that are not sweetened and artificially-made.

5. Summary

Honey is rich in nutrients, so you can expect that it would give you happy benefits to your beauty either by eating it or applying it on your skin.
Let’s eat honey regularly, use it for your skin care and make yourself beautiful!

This article was last updated on May 6th, 2016
No two individuals are alike. Please note that your results and experiences may vary from what is described in this article.