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Is Egg White Facial Washing Effective? [Tested for 7-days]


It may sound a little strange to “wash your face with egg white” doesn’t it? The egg white facial washing method is secretly in topic these days. But does it really work?
We would like to introduce and share to you our results of actually testing the egg white facial washing method for 7 days.

1.Egg White Facial Washing

1-1.What is Egg White Facial Washing?

乾燥肌 食べ物 卵

Egg white facial washing as we can see in its name, is a method that uses the egg albumen (white part of the egg) as its facial wash ingredient. This popular beauty care method was first introduced by a renowned beautician Mirai Shirakawa.

1-2.Effects from Egg White Facial Washing

It is said that the egg white has the following effects.

It softens and moisturizes the skin

It keeps the skin clean

It gets rid of the dead skin cells

It leads to the improvement of acne problem

1-3.Method of the Egg White Facial Washing

In here we will explain on how to implement the method of egg white facial washing. It is really quite simple.

[Things to prepare]

・Fresh egg
・Container to put the egg white (albumen)

[Procedure for Egg White Facial Washing]

*First, please make sure that you have removed your makeup.


1)From the fresh egg, separate the egg yolk (yellow part) from the egg albumen or egg white (since we won’t use the egg yolk, you can use the yolk for one of your cooking on that day).

2)Apply the egg white entirely to your face as if to soak it, and make circle motions for the blending.

3)When the egg emulsifies the dirt on the face, the lump-feel turns to smooth.

4)When the feel of your skin becomes smooth, wash your face with lukewarm water that is below body temperature.

*Things to consider before trying the method*

・Please refrain from trying if you have an egg allergy.
・Be sure to conduct patch test on your palm before trying the egg white facial washing method.

2.Trying out the Egg White Facial Washing

Does the egg white facial washing really have an effect? So we went on a 1 week challenge together with our “skin lover” staff to find the answers.

*The experience memo about the egg white facial washing which we will be introducing here may differ from the latest information.

2-1.The 7-day challenge

1st day


The preparation process felt hassle. And since the texture of the egg white was really quite sticky and also it was my first time i resisted at first. After letting it soak it on the face while doing massage, around after 1 minute the feeling became smooth and light so i washed it off with lukewarm water.

The after-wash felt moist, and no feeling of tightness in the face so i think it is good for people with dry skin. But the smell of the egg was a bit strong for me, so it might be a little bit tough for those who are sensitive to smell.

2nd day


Although the scent of the egg made me hesitate a bit, I was able to get used to the preparation and its procedures.
Since the egg white will spill off if you try to cleanse in a forceful way, I learned how to facial wash in a more gentle and soft manner.

I feel that my skin never became soft after washing.

3rd day

Probably because I was tired from work too, the preparation for the egg white facial washing felt a hassle. Although the egg white had a moisturizing effect as it was observed yesterday, maybe due to the distinct smell of the egg my mood did not rise too much.

4th day

I gave up and returned to the normal face wash item. Felt refreshed again after what seemed like a long time and its pleasing scent offered a soothing comfort.

5th day

I tried going back to the egg white facial washing method but as expected it was a hassle. Although the skin moisturized after the wash, felt like as if an oil film or something was sticking a bit on the skin.

6th day

I’m sorry! I miss the normal facial wash so I had to give up.

2-2.Result of the challenge and opinion feedback

[Opinion feedback after trying the egg white facial washing method for 7 days]

For certain, egg white facial washing gives a high moisturizing effect and was really quite surprised on how your own skin becomes very soft. But considering about the smell, texture and after-wash status, in my case I couldn’t bear to continue everyday so I had to give up.

It gave me a clue though on what is the best force to apply during the egg white facial washing, so it made me reconsider to apply the same gentle and soft manner when using the normal face wash item.


・Moisturizing effect is high and lasts long
・Skin becomes soft
・You learn to facial wash in a more gentle and soft manner

・Doesn’t really improve the mood much due to the strong scent of the egg
・For combination skin/oily skin, it feels like after wash-up is a little bit lacking
・The process is quite tedious

Recommended for those with dry skin (for dry skins will tend to stretch after facial wash) since the egg white facial washing offers a moisturizing effect.
Also recommended for those who tend to facial wash in a bit rough way because when you facial wash with egg white you will learn how to do a more gentle and soft facial washing.

On the other hand for people with combination skin or oily skin, it may feel that facial washing with egg white might be a little bit lacking. The refreshing feeling isn’t much there even after the wash due to the over moisturizing effect.

It is also difficult to say that its distinct smell will offer comfort, so it wouldn’t really be recommended so much for those who seek a relaxation effect.

Since the main reason of facial washing is to remove the water soluble dirt (skin oil, dust, sweat) from skin, although yet depending on the type of skin you have I think it is still worth trying out the egg white facial washing.

3.Ingredients in egg white that is effective for facial washing

卵白洗顔 卵

In an egg white, there are active ingredients where you can find the same in cosmetic products.

Moisture retention effect

A type of protein called “ovo-albumin” has an effect to facilitate skin regeneration and maintain the moisture.

Bactericidal effect
A component called “lysozyme” has a bactericidal effect to keep the skin clean.

Effect to improve acne
The “sulfur” which is seen in egg white has an effect to remove dead skin cells and improve acne problems. Also the cell called “lecithin” which has an active component that provides an effect to improve acne problems.

Facilitates sebum secretion

Since egg white is a weak acid it facilitates the sebum secretion of the skin.

Removal of dead skin cells
The egg white contains an acid called “amino” which has a mild peeling effect to remove old dead skin cells.

4.Eggs have lots of good things even as food

Egg has been originally said to be rich in nutrition and an all-rounder food. In addition to what was mentioned a while ago, since it is rich with vitamin A, B, E and amino acids you will be able to have a good balanced diet through its intake and is highly effective for beauty care too. So let us make good use of it as a food also.

[Effective ways to use the yolk]

As for the excess yolk let us not throw it away but instead use it deliciously as a diet. Therefore we would like to share some recipes using the egg yolk.

Dressed okra, natto, yam and egg yolk

Concentrated egg yolk topping on rice


Egg white facial washing is a method for those who are concerned about usual dryness and pores of skin. Although it depends on each individual in terms of scent, texture, after-wash status and etc., we can say that it is worth giving it a try. So go ahead and why not try to give it an experience once?

This article contains information that comes from the date April 8, 2016.
In addition, effects and results may differ for each individual so therefore please be acknowledged.