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Height isn’t Hereditary!? Truth & 4 Tips to become taller

身長 遺伝
Are you bothered by thoughts such as height is inherited from your parents, or you will remain short like your parents in your lifetime?
Genetic factors have something to do with a person’s height, but they are very slight. Other than genetics, everyday dietary and sleeping habits, as well as exercise are also the factors that determine your height.
We will introduce the relationship between genetics and height, as well as the methods on how to increase your height.

1. Height is not determined by genetics

Height is not determined by genetics. Height and genetics are not totally unrelated, but genetics play a 25% role in affecting the height of a person.

Outside the 25%, the quality of sleeping, eating and exercise also determine height.

Why there are families with short and tall statures?

We mentioned that genetics play a 25% role in affecting the height of a person, but cases in which all family members have tall or short stature may be common.

Their statures have totally nothing to do with genetics, but it happens when their lifestyle habits are similar to each other as they live together. Family members almost eating the same things are also a big factor.

Because of that, it could be enough possible that a child who actively take physical exercises is the tallest person among family members with short stature.

2. How to increase height

Try to keep in mind about the four ways that will increase your height: having a good night’s sleep, having a well-balanced meal, doing correct exercises and maintaining a right posture.

If you keep the four ways in your mind, you may be able to increase your height compared to your parents. If you are missing something in reverse, it doesn’t mean that your height would certainly increase, even if your parents are taller than you.

2-1. Get a good night’s sleep

プーアル茶 カフェイン

“Growth hormone” is deeply involved in increase of one’s height. Even how much you eat and do exercise, your height would not increase if no secretions of growth hormone take place.

Growth hormone is mostly secreted while you are sleeping. However, just sleeping too much is not a simple task to do. The quality of sleep is more important.

There are two types of sleep. These are shallow sleep (REM sleep) and deep sleep (non-REM sleep). In non-REM sleep, your brain and body are in a resting state, and this high quality of sleep actively makes your body secrete growth hormones.

In REM sleep, on the other hand, hearing a slight noise instantly awakens you. Your brain is still active, so you see dreams while sleeping. Growth hormones are secreted in little amounts while having this kind of low quality sleep.

To put things briefly, you should keep in mind that having a very good quality of sleep is better than just sleeping.

1)Refrain from watching TV and using smartphones or computers before sleeping (because light and information excites the brain).

2)Refrain from doing strenuous exercises such as muscle training before sleeping (because it makes the nervous system tense, leading to sleeping difficulties).

3)Refrain from eating 3 hours or less before sleeping (because your digestive system becomes active, making your sleep shallow).

4)Have a half-body dip in lukewarm water two hours before sleeping (your body temperature drops as you sleep, so gradually lowering your body’s temperature becomes the same as the one during sleep).

5)Refrain from taking a nap at dusk (because doing satisfies your need for sleep, therefore making it hard for you to sleep later).

6)Move your body during the day (moderate fatigue improves the quality of sleep).

2-2. Have a balanced diet

In order to increase your height, it is important to have a well-balanced diet rather than taking an unbalanced amount of nutrients.

We are often told to take calcium if we want to make ourselves taller, but no matter how much you take calcium, it doesn’t get absorbed by our body.

Eat vegetables, protein-rich and iron-rich foods while keeping in mind about calcium shortage.

Refrain from normally eating unbalanced meals such as pastries, sweets, fast food meals, instant meals and others.

2-3. Take a right exercise

有酸素運動 効果

Taking an exercise increases your height since it promotes the secretion of growth hormone and stimulates your bones’ “epiphyseal line” that has something to do with growing up.

Furthermore, taking an exercise creates a moderate amount of fatigue, so it improves the quality of your sleep, as well as it improves your appetite and makes absorption of food nutrients easier.

There are exercises that increase your height easier, and there are also exercises that interfere with your effort of increasing your height. So, let’s some tips on taking exercises.


Exercises that use your whole body
Exercises that use the muscles in your whole body equally and stimulates all of your bones are effective. One example of such exercises is swimming.

Exercises that stretch your body vertically
Exercises that stretch your body vertically can stimulate your body’s epiphyseal line in vertical direction.

Such exercises include jumping, but simple yet repetitive jumps create various repertoire of jumping methods, therefore playing basketball is more effective.

Exercises that do not put huge loads on your muscles
Taking such exercises may interfere with your growth. You need to be careful in particular when you are growing up since you have the tendency to put too much load on your muscles when taking an exercise.

Putting too much load on your muscles damages them, and therefore interferes with your growth.

Refrain from doing exercises that put a heavy load on any parts of your body (hard muscle training, such as weight lifting).

2-4. Maintain a right posture

Maintaining a right posture can prevent your height from shrinking. There are two factors behind shrinkage of one’s height: having a hunched posture and distortions in the body (O legs and X legs).

If you are having a hunchback or a distortion in your body, you can increase your height by a few centimeters even if you grew too much.

3. Habits that do not increase your height

We will introduce to you some habits that prevent your from increasing your height. Try to know if you are normally doing the following activities that inhibit your growth.

Lack of sleep
Insufficient sleep decreases the secretion of growth hormones, so your height will not increase no matter how much nutrients you take in. Insufficient sleep also stiffens your muscles and makes your bones brittle.

Building up stress decreases the secretion of growth hormone. Stress also creates substances that inhibit the secretion of growth hormones.
Keep in mind to create a time for relaxation everyday.

Eating too much sweets

Excessive intake of sugar prevents calcium from being absorbed by our body as the substances in sugar cling to calcium and are flushed together from our body.

Be careful not to overconsume sugary foods and drinks. If you are eating sweet snacks, try to choose the following alternatives that contain essential nutrients:
・Hot milk
・Nuts (almonds, peanuts, etc.)
Niboshi (dried young sardines)
*Avoid nuts that contain too much salt and grease. Be careful not to eat them too much.


4. For those who do not wish to increase their height

Some people who have tall parents might be thinking of not increasing their height any further. If you are one of these people, kindly read what we will say to you.

A lifestyle without the will to increase height is bad for one’s health

We suggest you to stop from not taking sleep and eating snacks and sweets as replacement for meals just to stop growing up.

Such neglect of health does not only stop you from growing up, but it also bring harmful effect to all parts of your body.

Lack of sleep causes chapped skin. Lack of nutritional balance also increases the risk of lifestyle-related diseases such as constipation, obesity, and menstrual irregularities.

Height is one part of individuality

Height is one part of your individuality. However, some tall people think that women find short men as attractive, and some think that being tall makes them conspicuous that it’s so embarrassing.

On the other hand, there some short people who are envious about one’s taller height, thinking that being tall allows them to look cool whatever they wear or being tall make them look a like a model or something.

In other words, whatever the personality you have, people see both of your good sides and bad sides depending on how they acknowledge you. Some people may hate you, but there are always people who admire you.

What counts is what’s inside

There are people who say all about one’s height, but the most important thing, after all, is what’s within you.

Those who judge people by their height such as not hanging around with girls who are taller than them are people who do nothing more but judge other only by their appearance.

You would frequently see men hanging out with girls who are taller than them. Don’t you think that couples who only care about their partner’s personality have longer and lasting relationships, do you?


5. Summary

We talked about the relationship between height and genetics, as well as the methods on increasing your height. Genetics have little to do with height yet it is decided by lifestyle habits are not an overstatement.

Do not hate your parents nor give up from making yourself taller, okay?

*The information in this article is provided on July 22, 2015.
Be aware that the effects and results mentioned in this article vary by individual.