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Say Goodbye to Clumps! What’s The Best Way to Wear Mascara?

マスカラ 塗り方

“My mascara always ends up clumpy… I can’t wear mascara to save my life… “
Do you ever catch yourself lamenting your experience with mascara?

The main purpose of mascara is to make eyelashes appear longer and thicker, providing radial emphasis to the size of your eyes. There are a few points to take note of when wearing mascara, but also remember that effective mascara is the key to make your eyes appear more attractive.

That said, let’s go right ahead and get to the good stuff! Let’s start by going through the basics of wearing mascara.

1. When it comes to mascara, preparation is key.

The most important secret to wearing beautiful-looking mascara is to properly curl your eyelashes as close to the roots as possible prior to application.

1-1. How to use a curler to properly curl your eyelashes from the root.

First, position the curler along your eyelash roots and clamp firmly three times.
(It might be easier to clamp the curler with your fingers if you have difficulty holding it with your hands. )

マスカラ 根本

Loosen your grip when the root is firmly curled up, then move slightly outward towards the tip and clamp again when you reach the middle area of your lashes.
(Hold the eyelash curler up with each hand )

Lightly clamp once again at the tip of your lashes.
(Clamp gently as eyelash tips are fine and delicate )


Points to remember when using a curler

まつげ ビューラー はさむ順番

Eyelashes are curled at 3 sections
Clamping strength and pressure per section is as follows: 1) A little firm 2)somewhat light 3) light

When lifting the eyelash curler, lift your whole elbow and use this momentum to pull the curler up.
Using only your wrists results in a weird-looking curl.

Do not pull too strongly when using an eyelash curler.
You could end up pulling out your lashes altogether – certainly not a pleasant experience!

1-2.The underlying foundation that improves mascara’s effect

The underlying principle in wearing mascara is utilizing its effect of volumizing eyelashes and improving curl hold.

Use mascara’s properties to your advantage if you have thin eyelashes or have difficulty curling them.

2.How to apply mascara

■What to prepare
・Screw brush

1.First, brush your eyelashes with the screw brush.


2.Wipe off excess mascara fluid with tissue.
(This helps prevent the mascara from forming clumps. Avoid brushing off excess fluid against the mascara tube as this causes the mascara to dry out, which again results in clumps. )


3.Start application from the center of your upper eyelashes. Position the brush at the root, then pull towards the tips while gently wiggling the brush from side to side. )

マスカラ 塗り方

4.Next, apply mascara first on the lashes towards the inner corner, then the outer corner of the eye, in that order. (Position the brush vertically and pull outward from the roots. )


5.Apply another layer of mascara at the roots using the tip of the brush. Position the brush vertically and carefully apply mascara on each strand of eyelash. )

マスカラ 塗り方

6.Apply mascara to the lower lashes by radiating outward from the roots.

7.Position the brush vertically and apply mascara to each lower eyelash in an outward motion, as if you were stretching them. 【Finishing】
(Another coat of mascara at the center works wonders if you want to make your eyes appear even bigger. Conversely, another coat of mascara near the outer corner will make the eyes appear wider. )


3.What to do with clumpy mascara

If your mascara forms clumps, don’t fret! You can still achieve a neat and clean-looking finish by dissolving the clumps with a mascara comb before the mascara dries out.

Remember that the top reasons for clumps in your mascara are deterioration (drying) of the mascara fluid and putting on an excessive amount of it.

Always be aware of the correct way to apply mascara as you apply it, and take steps to preserve the quality of your mascara fluid.

We’ll explore this topic further in section 6: Mascara expiration.

4.Bye-bye panda eyes

What to do if your mascara smudges

If your mascara smudges, cleanly remove the smudge by placing one drop of lotion on a cotton swab and lightly mixing with the mascara fluid. Be careful not to let the cotton swab touch your eyelashes.

Applying a layer of eyeshadow to the affected area after removing the smudge makes the mascara less prone to smudging.

Remember that excess oil makes mascara prone to smudging. Take extra care to make sure no excess oil reaches your eyelashes during your daily skin care routine, and keep the skin under your eyes smooth using face powder.

What to do if you get mascara on your eyelids

Use a cotton swab to remove mascara from your eyelids.

Position the swab on the affected area and wipe off excess mascara using a circular left-right motion.

Remember that you only get mascara on your eyelids if your eyelids and the mascara make contact.

If you find your eyelids making frequent contact with your eyelashes, consider wearing a transparent mascara topcoat to prevent panda eye.

5.Choosing your mascara

The most important point to remember when choosing your mascara is to imagine the type of finish you want to achieve. Take the time to understand the characteristics of each type of mascara and choose the mascara that best fits your target look.

5-1.Choosing via fluid type

There are different types of mascara fluid. Understanding the characteristics of each type is key to choosing the right mascara that best fits your desired style.


Waterproof mascara features a durable coating membrane that protects it from smudging due to sweat or oil, and is also known for its curl-holding power. Remember that you will need a specialized remover to remove this type of mascara.


Film-type mascara coats the entire strand and wraps your eyelashes with a protective film.

Film-type mascara is usually less prone to smudging due to water, but some mascara products can be removed with hot water and are designed to melt at temperatures between 38° to 40° C.

5-1.Choosing via type of finish

Mascara also varies according to the type of finish. Choose according to the type of finish you want to achieve.

Curl type

Curl-type mascara dries quickly and pulls up your eyelashes from the roots, thus making curls last longer. The primary purpose of this type of mascara is to hold your curls, making it the superior choice if your eyelashes are prone to drooping.

Volume type

Volumizing mascara uses viscous oil-based ingredients. This results in more mascara applied on every eyelash strand, vastly improving volume and thus making eyelashes appear thicker.

Long type

This type emphasizes eyelash length over volume and thickness. They make eyelashes appear naturally longer by wrapping each strand with fibers present in the mascara fluid.

6.Mascara expiration dates

Although mascara usually has no fixed expiration date, it is recommended to replace your mascara 3 months after opening the package.

This is because makeup products used near or around the eyes (including mascara) are unfortunately a good breeding ground for bacteria.

Contaminated mascara that accidentally enters your eyes may cause congestion, itching, inflammation, sty, and other forms of infection and irritation.

Mascara regularly comes into contact with eyelashes and the air itself, causing deterioration in quality. If you use mascara on a daily basis, remember to replace your mascara after 1.5 to 3 months.


Remember that preparation is the key to effective mascara. Mascara is an absolute must-have item in your makeup arsenal if you are looking to achieve bigger, more attractive-looking eyes.
Choosing the right mascara for your desired look and mastering the correct way to wear it are the keys to achieving the look you are aiming for.

This article is updated as of May 27th, 2015.
No two individuals are alike. Please note that your results and experiences may vary.