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Can we remove neck wrinkles? 3 causes and how to get rid of them.

neck wrinkles

As we get older, we have more wrinkles on the neck. Haven’t you ever thought of getting rid of them? After all, your effort spent on your facial treatments would not be rewarded if your neck wrinkles make you look older, which would terribly shock you.

Well, we cannot help getting some wrinkles as we age, but we want to look young by getting rid of them as much as possible, right? So, today, here in this article, you will learn some causes of wrinkles and the treatment methods so that you can reduce your neck wrinkles even a little.

1.Prevention first when it comes to neck wrinkles

Sad to admit, once you have deep wrinkles, they are hard to eliminate.

Unfortunately, it is reported that there exist wrinkle-prone genes and some people are born with them.
The neck skin is only thinly attached to the bones such as the cervical spine and the cartilage. Therefore, if your neck bones are unevenly jointed, it is believed that the skin of your neck also tends to be uneven.
neck wrinkles2

In other words, some people cannot avoid neck wrinkles no matter how hard they try.
In addition, we cannot completely reverse the aging clock.

Still, if we gave up, our wrinkles would grow even deeper.
As I wrote above, It’s hard to eliminate the wrinkles, but some of the treatments can make the wrinkles almost invisible.

Rather than focusing on just trying to get rid of wrinkles, we advise you to learn the causes and, at the same time, the prevention methods of neck wrinkles.
Then, your distressing problem can be improved at the end of the day.

2. 3 causes for neck wrinkles and the prevention

I have mentioned your skeletal structure of a body as a cause for neck wrinkles, but, of course, there are many other causes.
Three major causes and their preventions are described below. Let’s keep them in mind starting from today!

1.Ultraviolet Rays

neck wrinkles3

Deep wrinkles are mainly caused by ultraviolet rays.

Why do wrinkles appear after exposure to ultraviolet ray?
Ultraviolet rays are supposed to destroy collagen. Therefore, more ultraviolet ray exposure leads to collagen reduction and destruction, ending up with less resilient and more wrinkled skin.

“Dermis” is a so-called foundation of our skin, and apart from the water contents inside the dermis, collagen accounts for about 70% of it. This collagen makes your skin firm and resilient. Therefore, less collagen in the dermis makes your skin shriveled and wrinkled like a deflated ball.
neck wrinkles4

We have been exposed to ultraviolet rays since childhood and the collagen has been repeatedly destroyed. Up until about 25 years of age, though, the reproduction function of collagen remains active and even when the collagen is destroyed, it is reproduced and replaced.

However, as we age, this reproduction function also ages. We cannot supply our skin with the lost quantity of collagen anymore. This seems to make our skin look less plump and withered.

The Fix
Use sun screen products all through the year, not only in summer. Make sure that you apply sun screen cream or lotion onto your neck as well as your face.
Many people wear sun screen only on their face and expose the bare skin on their neck to the sun. The skin on our neck is thinner than the other parts of our body, and easily affected by ultraviolet rays.

Also, it is a wrong idea to think that you would get a better result with more sunscreen containing a higher SPF or PA. You tend to sweat easily especially in summer.

So, just applying sun screen once in the morning is not enough. The important thing is to remember to reapply sunscreen when you sweat and also when time passes after the first application.
Putting up a parasol or wearing a stole are also effective ways to protect your skin.

2. Dryness

Fine lines are caused by dryness.
Why does dryness cause fine lines?
neck wrinkles5

Here is an easy example. Let’s compare fresh grapes with raisins.
When you dry and dehydrate plump juicy grapes, they turn into shriveled raisins, right? The same thing happens to your skin when your skin gets dry and dehydrated. Your skin loses resilience and becomes shriveled, which leaves lines on it.

Still, there is a difference between grapes and our skin: when grapes are dry they lose all the juice inside themselves, but our skin loses moisture only on its surface.

Therefore, when our skin is dry, it only causes fine lines. On the other hand, deep wrinkles are believed to be caused by ultraviolet rays, as is explained above (Re: 1. Ultraviolet Rays).

The Fix
1) Moisturizing Skin Care
Provide careful skin care not only to your face but also to your neck in the morning and evening just like when you apply sunscreen. When you put skin lotion, serum or milky lotion on your face, spread them to you neck as well.

If you think it is a waste to use those skin treatment products to your neck, I recommend keeping all-in-one gel for your neck in the refrigerator. It would be so handy. You can apply it even onto your face when you are busy or feel lazy.

When you have time, give a lymphatic massage to your neck when you apply a moisturizer.
neck wrinkles6

After the application, stroke between the collar bone and behind the ear, to and fro, about 10 times, using your ball of the fingers. This is effective to stimulate blood flow.

Do not give too much pressure or give pulling massage to your lines with the hope that you can get rid of them. It simply does not work. Or it might make your lines even deeper due to

excessive rubbing.
2) Wipe off the sweat as often as possible.
neck wrinkles7

Every time you sweat, especially in summer, gently wipe it off on each occasion with something wet, such as a wet hand towel or wet wipe.

If you leave the sweat on your skin, the moisturizing factors you need will also evaporate together with the sweat. As a result, your skin becomes even drier.
It is also not a good idea to use a dry hand towel. It leaves saline content of the sweat on your skin, which even disturbs your skin condition. As a result, it decreases the skin function and your skin gets dry in the end.

3. Gooseneck Posture

Bad postures deepen and worsen wrinkles caused by ultraviolet rays (Re: 1. Ultraviolet Rays), rather than the postures themselves cause wrinkles.

Why our postures cause lines and wrinkles?
If you laugh a lot, you tend to have smile lines and wrinkles easily. In the same way, if you keep bending down your head and maintain the posture for a long time, the shape-memory effect produces wrinkles and makes them deeper.

If the collagen supply is enough, then those temporary lines and wrinkles are restored to the normal when you straighten your posture again. However, when your collagen quantity is decreased, the lines and wrinkles cannot get back to the normal.

The Fix
1) Is your pillow height appropriate?
Stop using a too-high pillow now! It will mean that you are producing wrinkles yourself. (On the other hand, a too-low pillow tends to cause a shallow sleep as a result of too much blood flowing into your brain, or puffiness of your face as a result of too much accumulated water.
neck wrinkles8

The best pillow height for sleep is said to be like this: lying on the bed with a pillow, your lying posture should be the same as your standing posture. When you buy a pillow, and if you cannot lie down to try it out, buy a lower one.

Then, if you find any gap, fill it with a towel.
Once you buy a higher pillow, though, you can never make it fit.
You can find custom made pillow shops to suit your posture. The prices vary depending on the shops and the materials used, but they will be roughly \30,000. They are certainly quite expensive if you compare them with normal pillows but it will be your longtime companion.
It gives you high-quality sleep, as well as a wrinkle prevention measure. Therefore, a custom made pillow is something I can recommend to those suffering from light sleep as well.

2) Regular Stretching
Is your work style sedentary, facing and looking down the documents or PC all the time? If so, take stretching breaks every 30 minutes or 1 hour. Refresh yourself by looking up and stretching your neck.

Also recommended is an “A, I, U, E, O” (※See below.) exercise. This exercise can not only tone up your muscles of your neck but also stretch them.
neck wrinkles9

A, I, U, E, O exercise
While you are looking up, let out the sounds of Japanese phonetic alphabets from “A (pronounced as “ah”) to “n (pronounced as “n” ). Then you pronounce those sounds as you pay attention to the muscles on your face and neck. The focal point of this exercise is to move your mouth as much as possible even in a bit exaggerated way.
* “A, I, U, E, O” are individual Japanese vowel sounds. They are phonetic alphabets, and pronounced as “ah”, “ee”, “oo”, “eh” and “oh”.

This is a kind of vocal exercise in which, as you let
out those vowel sounds, you stretch the muscles of your mouth and neck in vertical and horizontal directions as much as possible. You can even stretch your mouth in front direction by puckering your lips.
* When the basic Japanese syllables (50 syllables) is written in a list, “A (ah)” is the very first sound, and “N (nn)” is the last syllable.

3. Do you want a complete wrinkle removal? Then visit a clinic or a medical organization.

Deep or sagging neck wrinkles cannot be removed by yourself, but if you are seriously thinking about their removal, there are some solutions: visit a clinic and have collagen injections.

Those injections would make your skin plump, and your wrinkles would become less visible, rather than removing wrinkles.
Collagen injections are not covered by the National Health Insurance, and the expense will be approximately \100,000. Basically, when you get one injection, it does not mean you cannot get another on the same spot later. However, of course this depends on what kind of injection and where you have it injected.

Not only with collagen injections but also with Botox injections, the selection all depends on which part of your body you get those injections. Have a proper counseling session and find a clinic or a medical organization you can trust.

4. Summary

Your body and skin functions have already started aging since you were born. Therefore, somehow, we cannot help getting wrinkles and lines. However, your lifestyle and skin care routines have a great influence on the degrees of your wrinkles and the age when you get them.

It is too late starting to take care of your skin when your wrinkles are already noticeable. Still, if you give up without doing anything about your wrinkles when they appear, they will certainly get even worse. Small steps every day change your future neck appearance. So, let’s be aware of your everyday posture and skin cares from now on.

This article is translation of Japanese article, and the information listed is as of December 27, 2015 (Japan Standard Time). Please take note that this article is based on individual opinions or their impressions, and opinions may vary.