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Develop Your Skin’s Innate Ability with Olive Oil Cleansing

オリーブオイル クレンジング

Develop your skin’s innate ability with olive oil cleansing

You might think “In this day, everything is natural product!”, “I want to try cleansing with olive oil but how should I do it?” or “Can I use the one in the kitchen?”

Cleansing using pure olive oil is also beauticians’ topic. Although it requires more time compared to cleansing agent on the market which is produced for easy removal of dirt, the pure natural ingredients bring your skin to life and it will reborn as trouble-less skin. However, it does not mean that it gets on well with everyone’s skin, and correct knowledge is important.

Today, I am introducing how to do cleansing using olive oil, its effects and cautions. If you are interested, please read the followings and determine if it agrees with your skin.

1.3 effects that you could have with olive oil cleansing

Cleansing using olive oil is recommended especially for those who have dry or sensitive skin.
Here are the 3 specific effects:

1. Bring rough skin to its original form

Olive oil is different from cleansing oil on the market because it is pure oil with no surfactant, a washing material which causes irritation to your skin.

Surfactant has strong washing power that remove not only your make-up but also sebum matter which is necessary for your skin, resulting in destroying its barrier function.
Barrier function protects skin from external irritation and prevents inner moisture to be evaporated. Dry skin get worse if the person with dry skin or sensitive skin whose barrier function is weak uses cleansing oil.

Now, the weakened skin can be brought to its original healthy form by continuously using olive oil which removes make-up by floating oil only.

2. Add oil and give moisture to your skin

“Oleic acid” which occupies about 70% of ingredients of olive oil accounts for about 40% of sedum which is largest amount of ingredient. Oleic acid has high moisturizing capacity and protects your skin from getting dry and dirt, so it is recommended especially for women with dry skin and sensitive skin.

3. Remove darkening in blackheads and pores

As mentioned above, since oleic acid in the olive oil is an ingredient also contained in sedum, it has good skin familiarity and floats blackheads and darkening, and you can also care these as you do cleansing.
It is not recommended to use blackheads cleaner pack on the market as it remove not only the blackheads and pores but also sedum which is necessary for your skin, resulting further give damage to your skin.

2. Cautions

1. Not suitable for those who have no time or inpatient persons

Since it cannot be washed with water like usual cleansing oil, you need to take time to gently wipe it off with steamed towel.

Since olive oil is pure oil, it can float make-up which is made with same oil but it repels water, so floated make-up and olive oil cannot be removed from your skin with water.

If it cannot be completely removed and remain on your skin, it might cause generating pimples and other skin troubles.
To avoid this, you need to firmly wipe it off with steamed towel, but it might also cause damage if you give strong pressure.

2. You need to continue using everyday until you can feel the effect

Cleansing using olive oil does not give damage to your skin, and brings back to the original ability of your skin.

Therefore, it does not mean that you can expect the effect immediately once you use it, and your recovering skin might be brought back to the worse condition once you use a cleansing agent on the market. Please try this method introduced herein and ask yourself if you can continue everyday.

3. Do not use on pimple skin

Although olive oil contains rich oleic acid, high nutrient and protects your skin, it also a nutrient for acne bacterium which is a cause of pimples, so it activates the pimples.

Aside from olive oil, grape seed oil and rice bran oil also contain rich oleic acid, so do not use them for pimple skin.
Vegetable oil good for pimple skin is “Jojoba oil”.

4. Try patch test first

it might cause allergy, so do not directly apply on your face but to try patch test to avoid failure.

How to do patch test

1)Apply 25¢ coin size of olive oil on your upper arm (or inner thigh)

女の子 腕

2)Leave it for about 24 hours and check if it is itchy or turn red
OK if there is no abnormal reaction. However, stop immediately if you apply it on your face and have abnormal reaction.

3. How to do cleansing

1. Prepare a steamed towel

How to prepare
1)Squeeze a wet towel softly
2)Place it on a heat-resistant plate
3)Heat for 40 seconds – 1 minute by microwave

2. If it is heavy make-up, remove it first


*Waterproof mascara cannot be removed with olive oil. I, myself, also tried it but cotton just got slightly darker but make-up was hardly removed.

Separately remove the mascara with point make remover or use mascara which can be removed with hot water.

3. Water properly and wipe your hands

4. Place the oil on your hand

オリーブオイル 手

About 1 table spoon

5. Warm it up on your hand

手 なじませる

Make-up can be easily removed by warming up the oil. When your hands are icy cold during winter, warm your hands in Kotatsu (Japanese foot warmer) or hot water before placing the oil.

6. Apply to T-zone→U-zone →around eye / mouth in order

If you apply it from your forehead and nose which have stronger skin, you can further reduce damage on your skin.

7. Place a kitchen paper to absorb the oil

Prepare the kitchen paper in advance! If you prepare it after using the oil, things you touched with your oily hand become sticky.
Tissue paper can be used as a substitute. In such case, one use 3 layers of tissue papers as 1 sheet is not enough to absorb oil.

8. Place the steamed towel and wipe off


After 10 seconds of placing on your face, gently wipe the oil off. Change the side of the towel and repeat same until the stickiness is gone.

9. Wash gently with facial soap

洗顔 頬

Remained oil on your skin will cause pimples and pores opening, so wash your face with facial soap. You make effort not to use unnecessary ingredient but only olive oil, so I am recommending you to use a solid soap made only with simple ingredients.

10. Wipe gently with a clean towel
洗顔 タオルでふく

Your skin after wash becomes delicate and it makes sensitive reaction to small rubbing. Do not use a rough towel or scrub hard.

11. Moisturize with lotion, essence and cream


I mentioned before that olive oil has moisturizing effect, but skin care after washing is must. Supplying water which skin lost after washing leads to a beautiful skin.

4. How to choose olive oil and recommendation

When you use olive oil for cleansing, choose a product for skin care if possible.
Many people can feel the effect using olive oil for cooking, however it is easily oxidized since it is produced for cooking, and there is also no guarantee that it can be used for skin care.

Further, it is recommended because the olive oil for skin care has less scent and you do not feel unpleasant smell when using.

5. Other cosmetic usage of olive oil

Olive oil is effective for your beauty not only as cleansing agent but also applying on your body or eating.
Take beauty as yours by using olive oil to your whole body.

1. Moisturizing your face / whole body

You can have moisturizing effect when you apply olive oil on your dried body parts after skin care (lotion, essence and cream). Apply small amount and tap on your face as over dosage will cause pimples.
You can also acquire never-dried skin by applying it on your whole body especially knees, elbows and heels after taking a bath. Give a massage to your body as it quickly agrees with skin.

2.1 Relieve constipation with 2 table spoons of olive oil daily

Oleic acid in olive oil for cooking applies stimulus and activate the work of colon which relieve constipation. Take about 2 table spoons daily. If possible, take with breakfast when the colon actively moves. You can just take as it is or use for cooking.

3. Make beautiful hair by using as treatment

Moisturizing effect of olive oil can be also used to your hair. Here are the common steps:

1)Make your hair wet

2)Apply olive oil on your whole hair
Use about 1 – 2 table spoons and apply also to the scalp.

3)Scalp massage while penetrating for 1 – 2 minutes

Massage your scalp to loosen the hardened scalp.

Try covering your hair with a towel and take a bath for about 15 minutes if you have time to penetrate oil well into the scalp.

4)Rinse off

5)Apply shampoo and condition as usual

Transfer olive oil in a separate container when you bring it to bath room. If you bring the oil in an original container, it deteriorates due to humidity. Further, do not store it in the bath room.


How was it? I also tried, and my skin got immediately dried after washing with usual cleansing foam. But when I wash with olive oil, I did not feel my skin gets dried but felt like protected, and now I cannot stop using it.
At first, I thought preparation of a steamed towel is bothering, but it is actually not that bothering. Please try it if you are interested!

This article contains information from March 29, 2016 (last update).
Further, please understand that the effects / results differ among individuals.