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Hide It Beautifully! The Right Way of Using Concealers

コンシーラー 塗り方

”I just bought a concealer, but I don’t know how to use it…” Have you experienced such thing? A concealer if you use it in a correct way, it is an excellent item in which that you can beautifully cover skin problems. In here, we would like to explain on how to Use a concealer correctly step-by-step and by portion.

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Less Irritating Facial Cleansing for Men!

クレンジング 男

”I use foundation / concealer.” “I want to use cleansing because I’m concerned about my blackheads.” Would you like to know the correct way of using cleansing agent? Recently, awareness of beauty is increasing among men and number of men who regularly do cleansing is increasing. However the purpose is slightly different from women’s. Men use it to remove “sunblock / concealer” and “blackhead around the nose”. Indeed, sometimes foundation and concealer cannot be completely removed with facial foam only. Further, blackheads in pores can be easily removed if you apply oil (cleansing oil) on the pores. Today, I am introducing about effects / meanings of men’s cleansing, correct way […]

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Baking Soda Shampoo: Effective against Itchy Scalp and Odor

重曹 シャンプー

Have you ever thought “I have heard about baking soda shampoo but what’s the merit?” or “How to use it?” As the name indicates, basing soda shampoo is using baking soda as shampoo agent. I myself tried baking soda shampoo and was pleased with it and continue using it until now. With baking soda shampoo, you can expect improvement in sebum on scalp and odor. Since you cannot purchase baking soda shampoo on the market, let’s make one at home! Today, I am introducing my comment after I use and how to enjoy it at home.

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Acne-fighting Foods that You Would Like to Eat


It is said that vitamins are good for fighting acne, but there are specific foods that are also effective against it. You would like to know what are those foods, right? Here, we will introduce you these acne-fighting foods. Nutrients centering on vitamins are deeply involved in preventing and curing acne, so you can expect great results by actively taking in these nutrients. We will introduce foods that are effective against acne and acne scars, as well as the foods that cause acne if consumed in huge amounts.

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Is Egg White Facial Washing Effective? [Tested for 7-days]


It may sound a little strange to “wash your face with egg white” doesn’t it? The egg white facial washing method is secretly in topic these days. But does it really work? We would like to introduce and share to you our results of actually testing the egg white facial washing method for 7 days.

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What Causes Premenstrual Drowsiness? 5 Ways to Deal with It

眠気を覚ますツボ 仮眠

Have you ever experienced a sudden bout of extreme drowsiness right before your monthly period? Have you ever found yourself struggling to find a solution that will keep you awake? Premenstrual drowsiness is part of a collection of physical and mental symptoms that occur prior to menstruation, more commonly known as “Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).” More than half of women who experience PMS symptoms also experience premenstrual drowsiness. Let’s take a look at the causes of premenstrual drowsiness and explore ways to keep those eyelids up. 1.What is premenstrual drowsiness? Extreme drowsiness prior to your monthly period is a symptom of “Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).” Let’s look at the causes and timeframes […]

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Prevent Swelling During Menstruation! The 4 Don’ts.

生理 むくみ

Even if we are aware that menstruation is the culprit, looking at our swollen face or feet makes us feel gloomy that we don’t want to go outside. Swelling that occurs before or during menstruation can be cured by massaging to promote blood flow. It can be also kept from occurring if you performed measures on it in advance. I will introduce the methods on curing swellings as early as possible, and the things that you must not do before and during menstruation.

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Height isn’t Hereditary!? Truth & 4 Tips to become taller

身長 遺伝

Are you bothered by thoughts such as height is inherited from your parents, or you will remain short like your parents in your lifetime? Genetic factors have something to do with a person’s height, but they are very slight. Other than genetics, everyday dietary and sleeping habits, as well as exercise are also the factors that determine your height. We will introduce the relationship between genetics and height, as well as the methods on how to increase your height. 1. Height is not determined by genetics Height is not determined by genetics. Height and genetics are not totally unrelated, but genetics play a 25% role in affecting the height of […]

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Easy Professional Nail Care Practices for Beginners

ネイル 女

Are you in trouble that you always care for your skin but left your nail as it is and do not even know how to care? Don’t you give up getting your nail done because of your school or work? Nail care is not limited to manicure or gel coloring. Even natural nail can give favorable and fresh impression to others if it is well treated! Keeping your nails nice will increase your motivation toward work and beauty which gives further benefits to you. Today, I will introduce on how to do nail care from basic level which can give others favorable impression without coloring. 1.How much detail does people […]

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Develop Your Skin’s Innate Ability with Olive Oil Cleansing

オリーブオイル クレンジング

Develop your skin’s innate ability with olive oil cleansing You might think “In this day, everything is natural product!”, “I want to try cleansing with olive oil but how should I do it?” or “Can I use the one in the kitchen?” Cleansing using pure olive oil is also beauticians’ topic. Although it requires more time compared to cleansing agent on the market which is produced for easy removal of dirt, the pure natural ingredients bring your skin to life and it will reborn as trouble-less skin. However, it does not mean that it gets on well with everyone’s skin, and correct knowledge is important. Today, I am introducing how […]

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Menstrual Cramps Symptoms and Ways on How to Relieve Them

豆乳の効果 生理痛

You feel pain and discomfort during your menstrual periods, but have you felt uneasiness about them, wondering that they might be symptoms by menstrual cramps, or some sort of abnormalities in your body? Around 70 to 80% of women in their monthly periods feel some sort of menstrual cramps symptoms. Menstrual cramps symptoms come in wide varieties, and the way of feeling them varies by individual, so you may feel uneasy wondering if the symptom is caused by menstrual cramps. We will now introduce you menstrual cramps symptoms, the causes of menstrual cramps and the ways of relieving them. 1. Menstrual cramps symptoms Menstrual cramps symptoms vary by persons, and […]

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l and Healthy with Amazake (Sweet Fermented Rice Drink)!

甘酒 効果

Upon hearing that drinking Amazake (Sweet fermented rice drink) is good for your body, probably you have wondered about what kind of effects it bring. Amazake (Sweet fermented rice drink) is almost made of the same components as an IV drip fluid that it is called as “drinkable IV drip fluid” because it is rich in nutrients. Amazake (Sweet fermented rice drink), the “drinkable IV drip fluid,” is not supposedly bad for your body! Here, we would like to introduce you the effects of Amazake (Sweet fermented rice drink) and the ways on how to drink it.

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Eat to get slim? The effects and methods of Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet

おかゆ ダイエット

You would want to try on dieting from today without any exercises or going to a beauty-treatment clinic, won’t you? The “Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet” which is one of the currently hot topic grants your desire. You can begin Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet by using ordinary white rice easily without buying any expensive diet food. Does it truly have the said effects? We compared it with other methods of diet. We will introduce about the effects of Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet and essential points to have a successful result. 1.What is Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet? Okayu (Japanese rice porridge) diet is a very simple way of […]

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Wonderful Effects of Soy Milk!


Soy milk is commonly found in supermarkets and convenience stores. Perhaps you’re thinking about what kind of benefits does soy milk bring to your health and if it’s really good for your body, right? It is said that the soy bean nutrients found in soy milk bring wonderful benefits to your beauty, such as maintaining your skin’s health and supporting your diet. Soy milk also brings healthy benefits, such as improving your bowel movement and preventing lifestyle-related diseases. We will introduce the benefits of drinking soy milk and the more effective ways on drinking it. For those who drink soy milk, as well as those who are planning to do […]

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Effects of Foot Bath and How to Enjoy It

足湯 効果

There are probably lots of people wondering what kinds of effects does warming their own feet bring at a foot bath? Our feet chill very easily since they are far from our heart, but it is said that warming our feet at a foot bath brings many wonderful effects to our body! We would like to introduce you the appeal of foot bath which promises wonderful effects, as well as ways on enjoying it.

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Ways to remove swelling of your eyelid in the morning & Cause and Measure


Do you feel trouble with swelling of your eyelid when you wake up in the morning? Your face’s impression is changed completely if your eyes and eyelid, which are important parts, of your face is swelling, and you also feel depressed. Eyelid tends to swell comparatively, because the skin of eyelids is thin and get damaged easily. Today we will introduce you the first aid treatment to get rid of swelling of your eyelid and ways to prevent it from swelling. 1. 3 first aid treatments of swelling of your eye in the morning This is not the fundamental solution for getting rid of swollen eyes, but let’s remove the […]

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