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How to Wash Your Body

体 洗い方

How do you usually wash your body?
Let’s take a look at a few washing tips that are not only gentle on skin but also guaranteed to help keep your body clean!

Today, we’ll go over not only the proper way of washing your body, but also how to choose body soap. We’ll also go over a few recommended body wash items.

Without further ado, let’s learn the dos and don’ts of proper washing and keep our bodies squeaky clean!

1.The 5 most important points in proper body washing

The proper removal of dirt from the body is also one of the most important points in maintaining skin hygiene. There are 5 main points to remember when taking a body wash.

On top of these 5 points, remember that washing your body the wrong way gradually strains your skin, eventually lead to problems like dry skin.

Keep the following points in mind when taking a shower to help keep your skin clean and healthy.

Point 1:Wash your body last

Remember to wash your body last. Washing your body first leaves shampoo and rinse water residue on your skin when you move on to washing your hair.

Shampoo and rinse water are harsh on your skin and could potentially cause skin problems such as acne.

Washing your body last is paramount to keep your skin clean.

Point 2:Keep the shower temperature below 40°C (104°F)

Pay attention to the temperature of the water when taking a shower. In particular, make sure that the temperature is set to below 40°C (104°F).

Excessively hot water washes out the skin’s sebum and natural oils more than necessary, leading to dry skin.

Most people have a tendency to use hotter water especially in the winter due to the colder ambient temperatures.

You can’t really blame them, but remember that these same winter temperatures make your skin dry out even faster.

Point 3: Thoroughly rinse with hot water before showering


Don’t just slather on the body soap and call it a day! Rinse thoroughly with warm water from a tub or the shower before washing up.

Rinsing with warm water loosens up dirt and sebum from the surface of your skin, making them easier to wash off afterwards.

You’ll also notice a huge difference in the way the body soap lathers up when your body is wet, allowing you to use less body soap when washing.

Point 4: Scrub with your hands or use a soft material


Avoid irritating your body by gently washing using a soft material or your hands to scrub.

Scouring your body with stiff materials such as a towel or brush is counterproductive and will only irritate or worse, scratch your skin.
Modern body soap is already packed with plenty of cleaning power.

You can get squeaky clean without having to scour your body with a towel or brush.

People with sensitive skin in particular, need to take note that scouring with a towel or brush irritates your skin and makes it more susceptible to problems.

You can use a towel to wash off if using your hands makes you feel awkward.

We’ll take a look at the proper materials to use later in this article.

Point 5: Wash your body gently

The most important point to remember when taking your daily shower is to wash gently!

When you take a bath, your body’s blood circulation improves and opens your pores, but your skin is more vulnerable to irritation and wounding as it is sodden and swells up.

Scrubbing the skin with force while it’s in a vulnerable state dries the skin out, scratching it and making it lose its smoothness.

What’s more, water gradually evaporates from these micro-scratches on the skin’s surface, making your skin even more vulnerable to drying.

Your skin’s pores are open when you are taking a bath or shower, making dirt easier to remove. You can definitely achieve a good clean down without resorting to added force.

Make it a point to wash and clean gently to make sure your skin does not get damaged.

2. How to wash correctly

Wash your body using these steps while keeping in mind the 5 points described earlier. Make it a point to wash within 5 minutes.

Any more than that and you may risk irritating your skin.

Imagine giving yourself a good literal clean-down. You are cleaning from top to bottom. Remember to use a gentle circular motion as you wash your body.

1)Start from your neck. Wash the neck area while taking care not to get any soap suds on your hair.

シャワー 女性

2)Next, wash your shoulders. Take care to lather the body soap across your shoulders, all the way to the shoulder blades.

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3)Next, wash your arms and elbows.

4)Wash your chest and waist area with soft, gentle strokes.

5)Transition to your back. Pay careful attention when washing your back as residual soap and shampoo can cause skin problems such as pimples.

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6)Your buttocks are also vulnerable to soap and shampoo residue, so remember to give it a good rinsing as well.

7)Move to the lower body, taking care to clean from top to bottom the way you would clean the upper body. Remember to give the back of your legs a thorough cleaning.

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Keep in mind that washing from top to bottom is important.
Washing your body last helps prevent acne by removing residual shampoo.

3. Body wash items that help reduce friction against the skin

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea of using your hands to wash down, it might be a good idea to use a body wash towel made of natural materials that are gentle on skin.

Silk and cotton are recommended among all natural fibers available. Both are very gentle and won’t damage or irritate your skin.


There are 5 main points to remember when taking a shower. Keeping these points in mind while washing down helps keep your skin healthy.
Aside from the 5 points mentioned, choosing the right kind of body soap is also important.

Choose the body soap that best suits your skin and give yourself the kind of shower you deserve!

This article was last updated on April 27th, 2016
No two individuals are alike. Please note that your results and experiences may vary from what is described in this article.