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Refresh Your Mind and Body! 3 Methods to Improve the Quality of Sleep

Quality of Sleep
Have you ever experienced situations when you get a good sleep every day, but then you feel groggy and exhausted in the morning?

The reason behind it is not the “sleeping time,” but the “quality of sleep”.

If you enhance the quality of sleep, you can not only wake up feeling good in the morning but also increase your performance in the daytime and get the delighted effects on your body.

Thereupon, we are going to introduce the 3 ways which improve your quality of sleep to lighten your mind and body.

1.What is good quality of sleep?

It is said that the good quality of sleep is “having deep sleep which has effects of restoring of your brain and body”.

If you could have a good quality of sleep, it is said that not only your daily performance improve but also effect on your body or health incredibly.

On the other hand, in case you had a bad quality of sleep, no matter how you slept for long time, you cannot freshen up and the lack of sleep will be continued, and it can lead to drop of your performance, dry skin or poor physical health.

2.Making sure of the facts whether your quality of sleep is the most suitable or not

First of all, please confirm following points to be checked whether your current “quality of sleep” is suitable for you.

- Regardless of being active in the morning and active in the evening, you take the sleeping time at the same period of time basically.
- Adult men and women over 18 years old
- The sleeping time is from 6 to 8 hours

1.When you wake up, you don’t feel fatigue but have refreshed feelings.
2.You don’t feel drowsiness four hours after waking up. You have a clear head.
3.There are no troubles such as waking up in the middle of night many times or having a hard time falling asleep during your sleeping.

If you achieved all 3 mentioned points, there are no troubles in your current “quality of sleep”.

However if you don’t come under mentioned points in spite of taking sleeping time for over 6 hours, you need to look over your “quality of sleep” again.

3.The 3 ways to improve the quality of sleep

The most important thing to improve your quality of sleep is “not stimulating your brain or body before falling asleep”.

Please practice following 3 ways consciously.

3-1. Don’t take a nap after 5pm (after 11 hours since you woke up)


e.g.) Those who wake up at 6am in the morning, don’t take a nap after 5pm. / Those who wake up at 9am in the morning, don’t take a nap after 8pm.

If you take a nap after 11 hours since you woke up, your desire for sleep will decrease, and it is said that your quality of sleep will also be poor drastically.

In order to not decrease your desire for sleep, you should cut down doze while returning to your home or nap after eating as much as possible. Spending your time increasing your desire for sleep is the best thing to do.

The more your desire for sleep increases, the deeper sleep you can get.

3-2. Relax your brain and body 1 hour before sleeping.


In order to have a good quality of sleep, the most important thing to do is to have some time to relax your brain and body for at least 1 hour before going to bed.

Because it is said that if you stimulated your brain and body before falling asleep, it will not be settled even if you try to fall asleep, and your quality of sleep will be destabilized.

During your sleep, your parasympathetic nerve (nerve in relaxing condition) is prevailing, so it is said that you can fall asleep deeper naturally with your brain and body in a relaxing condition.

The concrete way to relax your brain and body is to “soak your body in lukewarm water”, “not using smart phones or games as much as you can”, “doing light stretches” or “refrain from taking caffeine” etc.

Refrain from stimulating your brain as much as you can, and consciously spend a relaxing time.

3-3. Create environments to sleep well


Creating environment to sleep is also important in terms of sending notification to your brain that you are going to sleep.

There is a possibility of your brain misunderstanding your bed as a work station if you place a snack or comic books near your bed, leading your brain to wake to wake up.

We suggest that you should surely keep any things that don’t have relation with your sleep, away from your bed as much as possible.

In addition, we recommend that you turn off your light while you are sleeping, because the “sleeping hormone” called “melatonin” which leads you to sleep will stop functionally.

This “melatonin” has an outstanding antioxidant function to prevent aging skin. However the melatonin is weak to lights, so if your eyes bask in the light, the effects will drop drastically.

Those who can’t sleep well without light, try placing the lighting at your feet and avoid basking the light from your eyes.

4.Necessary sleeping time is at least 6 hours

In order to improve your quality of sleep, minimum sleeping hours are also necessary.

Generally speaking, those who are over 18 years old should sleep for from 6 to 8 hours in order to improve their performance (such as arranging of memory), get effects of beautiful skin (promoting skin metabolism) or diet (burning body fat).

There are individual differences in sleeping hours necessary to have the feel of “most suitable”, and the actual situation is that “we cannot conclude the minimum sleeping hours needed in general”. However in order to improve your comprehensive performances, retain the sleeping hours of 6 to 8 hours, then the hours of sleep it took for you to wake up comfortably will be the standard of your suitable sleeping hours.

5.There is no such thing as best time to go to bed


We often hear that “the best time for our skin is from 10pm to 2am”, but that is just a popular belief and there are no evidences to prove it.

“Having a good quality of sleep” is rather important than “time to fall asleep”.

3 hours after falling asleep, regeneration of growth hormone begin and the restoring hormone begins to work lively. So it is believed that you can have a good quality of sleep, regardless of the time to fall asleep, as long as you sleep deeply for the first 3 hours after falling asleep.

However, our body has function of a biological clock connecting with the movement of the sun.

When you have the living environment which you start working at sunrise and rest at sunset, you should match your sleeping time with this environment as it is easier to arrange your body rhythm.

6.The 3 advantages of improving good quality of sleep

There are 3 advantages when the “sleeping hours” and “the quality of sleep” is both in “most suitable” condition.

■Increases your performance ability of the day

If you had the most suitable sleep, your brain and body are restored. It improves your memory or concentration and leads to improvement of your performance. In addition, your stress tolerance will be strengthened, so you will be able to think positively.

■Effect on skin beauty

The growth hormone being secreted in the first 3 hours after falling asleep is said to have function to restore your cell which is damaged on your skin and promote your metabolism.

When this function works well during your sleep, sleeping acts on your skin as the “best essence” and it can be expected to improve and prevent your dry skin. Growth hormone is essential for women because it is also expected to promote creating collagen to control skin tension and elasticity.

■Effect on your diet

Human body is said to be, that if your sleeping hours were not enough, “Leptin” which is the hormone that gives you sense of fullness will decrease and “glycine” which is the hormone that gives you sense of hunger will be increase. Therefore you cannot get the feeling of fullness and cannot help eating too much.

Moreover it is said that our brains desire for sweet or oily food with high calories especially when you experience lack of sleep.

As a result, by taking the most suitable sleep and arranging the hormone balance of appetite, you can expect to be able to control your appetite and achieve healthy body.

This growth hormone also has other beneficial function to increase your metabolism and break down your body fat or visceral fat, and it is said to effective on your diet.

7.Sleeping mechanism

It is inevitable to know about sleeping mechanism in order to decide your most suitable sleeping hours. Let’s know how your brain and body looks like while you are sleeping.

7-1. REM sleep and non-REM sleep


There are two kinds of sleep.

The first one is “REM sleep” which is light sleep and the function is to control your memory. Our brain is still awake at this time. It is also said that during REM sleep is the time we have dreams.

The other one is “non-REM sleep” which is deep sleep and both our brain and body is at the stage of completely resting. It is said that this sleeping cycle of “REM sleep” and “non-REM sleep” is everting every 90 minutes and repeats from 4 to 6 times while we are sleeping.

This sleeping cycle of every 90 minutes is just an average time. It is said to be about 70 to 110 minutes in general, so it is not always best to wake up every morning following this 90 minutes cycle. Please know the standard time in a persistent manner.

7-2. Know the sleeping hormone

It is considered that three kinds of hormone are working in our body while we are sleeping. They are all necessary hormones to spend our daily full lives.

In order for these three hormones to function efficiently, we need to “take enough sleeping hours” and “improve our quality of sleep”.

Growth hormone

It is said that growth hormone breaks down sugar content and lipid, and increases your metabolism.

This hormone, which also brings benefits such as fatigue recovery, beautiful skin and diet, will increase the more deep sleep you have.

Especially, the first 3 hours after falling asleep is the best time to secrete the hormone, so it makes sense that how deep sleep and good quality of sleep you have is the most important point.


Melatonin acts as an excellent antioxidant which prevents aging skin and promotes your sleep.

This is the “sleep hormone”, which is weak to light. If you sleep with your lights on, the hormone will decrease dramatically. Sleeping without any light is recommended.

If you cannot fall asleep without light, we recommend that you put the dim light in close to bed.


Cortisol is the hormone that makes immunity substances and has effects on increasing blood pressure or blood sugar level, and waking your brain and body up smoothly.

Moreover the hormone is necessary to spend your day lively, has effects on stress tolerance. Another name of this hormone is “stress hormone”.


When you improve your quality of your sleep, you can have benefits not only waking up comfortably but also good effects on your mind and body.

Why don’t you carry out these ways of sleep for having your full lives comfortably?

This article is translation of Japanese article, and the information listed is as of December 15, 2015 (Japan Standard Time). Please take note that this article is based on individual opinions or their impressions, and opinions may vary.