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Measures against Armpit Stains Caused by Sweat

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Have you ever had any experience when you feel hot but cannot take off your jacket because of your ugly armpit sweat stains?

We know it cannot be helped because the armpits are sweaty parts of our body, but it is embarrassing all the same and we would like to prevent it if possible.

Let’s find out the causes of underarm excessive sweating and work out countermeasures against sweat stains.

1. Measures against underarm excessive sweating to prevent sweat stains

Everyone knows that the armpits are sweaty parts of our body, but we would like to avoid sweat stains.

Now, we are going to explain why we tend to sweat under the arms.

1-1.Why do we sweat under the arms?

The armpits are sweaty areas of our body and it is quite natural that we sweat more under the arms than other parts of our body.

The reason we sweat more under the arms is that the sweat glands called eccrine are concentrated under the arms. When we feel hot, the eccrine sweat glands kick into gear to keep our body temperature stable. That is why everyone sweats under the arms when it is hot, though the amount of sweat varies according to individuals

However, it is embarrassing to sweat a lot under the arms and have sweat stains on clothes. It attracts attention.

In addition, have you noticed that armpit sweat has stronger odor than other parts of the body, such as arms, legs and face?

This is because we have another type of sweat glands called apocrine glands under the arms. These unique glands are located in specific areas that include the underarms, groin region, anal area, areolae and inside the ears.

They produce a thicker whitish secretion, and the characteristic odor develops a short while after you sweat, but it is no wonder.

The role of apocrine sweat is to manifest odors, which by nature help to attract the opposite sex like pheromones. Apocrine sweat, when it dries, becomes yellow sweat stains.

1-2.Let’s make good use of commercial products to prevent sweat stains

Armpit sweat contains apocrine sweat, and so we recommend that you wash immediately after you notice sweat stains. We must be careful especially in terms of yellow sweat stains on light colored clothes because these stains tend to stay if you don’t wash it immediately.

Why don’t you try some products to prevent sweat stains and some antiperspirants.

2.7 causes and countermeasures of underarm excessive sweating

Seven main causes of underarm excessive sweating are as follows:

Find out which causes are more relevant to you. Then, solve the problem of body odor and sweat stains.

2-1.  Getting rid of stress, anxiety and tension

Literally everyone must have experienced armpit sweating under extreme tension. This is because armpit sweating is one of the most common anxiety symptoms.

When you suffer from severe stress or acute tension, your body activates adrenocortical hormones and adrenaline, and increases sebum production. This in turn increases armpit sweat and produces stronger odor.

Because of this function, people who are likely to accumulate stress factors and also who easily get nervous tend to sweat more under the arms. Consequently, they tend to exude stronger odors.

Once you have found out how to relieve your stress and feel refreshed, you can not only reduce the amount of armpit sweat but also solve your body odor problems.

2-2. Reviewing the eating habits

People with the following eating habits tend to have increased amount of armpit sweat and stronger body odor.

・Fatty food consumption
・Meat-based diet
・Excessive fast food and instant food consumption
・Excessive alcohol and coffee consumption
・Excessive cold drink consumption
・Excessive consumption of strong flavored foods such as hot and spicy or sour ones

If you are worried about armpit sweat, and also the above habits sound familiar to you, try to review your eating habits by reducing the frequency and amount of eating the above-mentioned foods.

2-3. Overcoming the lack of exercise

The increased amount of armpit sweat through lack of exercise is caused by eccrine sweat glands.

The eccrine sweat glands are found in virtually all skin of the body, and under normal circumstances we regulate our body temperature by sweating throughout the whole body. But sometimes our sweat glands might enter a dormant phase because of the following lifestyles.

• Lack of exercise
• Spending the whole day in a room with no temperature change

In that case, if the room temperature rises a little, it activates the eccrine sweat glands
under the arms, which is close to the heart. As a result, your armpit sweat becomes conspicuous.

This often applies to women’s armpit sweat problems. We frequently hear about women unable to wear grey or blue dress in hot weather for fear of embarrassing sweat stains.

Once you make a habit of doing physical exercises and sweating all over your body, it will help to suppress the amount of armpit sweat. Please do try it.

2-4. Overcoming cold intolerance

This is also the case with many women having trouble with armpit sweat.

In order to stop sweating, it helps to cool your body. But once your body becomes excessively cold, it starts to generate heat to warm the body, driven by an instinct for self-preservation.

Then, you start to sweat profusely on both sides of your body and on the back, though your legs and hands are cold.

What you need here is to warm your body.

Improving your blood circulation helps in this case by stretching your butt muscles and
hip joint.

2-5. Solving the obesity problem

Obesity type people with thick subcutaneous fat tend to have higher body temperature and sweat easily. This is because the layer of the fat interferes with heat dissipation.

In this case, solving the obesity problem is the best answer.

Those who are worried about sticky sweat are likely to eat too much animal fat. As a result, they have stronger sweat odor. So, reviewing the eating habits will reduce the amount of armpit sweat and also body odor.

In order to suppress the sweat odor, it will be effective to exercise more and make conscious efforts to sweat.

2-6. Correcting the hormonal imbalance

This is another cause of armpit sweat unique to women. When a woman enters menopause, female hormone secretion levels drastically decrease and a disruption of the autonomic nervous system occurs. Sometimes, eccrine sweat glands are stimulated in an abnormal way and the underarms start to sweat heavily regardless of the temperature. This symptom is called a hot flash.

Correcting the hormonal imbalance is the answer to thoroughly solving this type of armpit sweat. If you visit a gynecologist, you may be given a hormone replacement therapy as the treatment of hot flashes.

Younger women entering the years leading up to menopause may also suffer from symptoms similar to the above, if their hormonal balance is disturbed due to sleep deprivation and improper eating habits.

2-7. Get rid of the smelly underarms by hircismus treatments

Finally, there is another reason why people have odors under their arms. Those have larger and more apocrine glandes by birth. This is called “hircismus”.

When the odor symptom is moderate, however, the odor can be reduced by constant use of underarm care products.

On the other hand, hircismus can be treated by laser procedures to reduce the quantity and the degrees of underarm sweat odor at a cosmetic surgery.

If you have too many apocrine glandes and your odor symptom is so serious, maybe the odor cannot be got rid of from the inner wears even after washing. In that case, it would be effective to remove your glands by a surgical operation.
Anyway, if you wonder whether your symptoms are due to hircismus, it is recommended to visit a hospital and see a doctor.


Sweating under arms is not a trouble only for summers. There are even more people who are conscious about their smells in falls and winters, for the clothes during those days cannot be washed every day.

Know your type of causes of underarm sweating, and try to find measures against odors and underarm stains.
Main causes of underarm sweating are as follows.

・Stress, tension, and anxiety
・Dietary habit
・Lack of exercise
・Tendency to feel cold
・Solving obesity problem
・Unbalanced hormones
・Hircismus (having many and large apocrine glands)

There are a number of reasons people sweat a lot under arms. They can vary depending on their psychological conditions, lifestyles, physical constitutions and ages, but there should be your best measures to prevent excessive sweating underarms.

This article was last updated on May 9th, 2016
No two individuals are alike. Please note that your results and experiences may vary from what is described in this article.