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Ways to remove swelling of your eyelid in the morning & Cause and Measure

Do you feel trouble with swelling of your eyelid when you wake up in the morning?

Your face’s impression is changed completely if your eyes and eyelid, which are important parts, of your face is swelling, and you also feel depressed.

Eyelid tends to swell comparatively, because the skin of eyelids is thin and get damaged easily.

Today we will introduce you the first aid treatment to get rid of swelling of your eyelid and ways to prevent it from swelling.

1. 3 first aid treatments of swelling of your eye in the morning

This is not the fundamental solution for getting rid of swollen eyes, but let’s remove the swelling that’s troubling you at first and refresh it although it will be temporarily.

Improving your blood flow of your entire body is important, so practice the following in order, from your neck and face, to your eyes.

Conducting this in bath is said to give you better effect.

Step 1: Massaging your lymph

First of all please relieve your neck and circulate your blood, which is accumulated in your face, to your entire body.

1) Stretching your neck


Turn your neck about 5 times both of right and left sides.


Lean and stretch your neck for about 5 seconds to both right and left sides.

2) Apply cream on your neck

Your skin gets damaged if you conduct the next step without lubricating your skin.
The cream to apply doesn’t necessary have to be exclusive for neck, as the only purpose is to lubricate.
Those who don’t want to use plenty of cream, we suggest you to use an all-in-one gel.

3) Rub the lymph of your neck


Stroke with your finger pads strongly form back of your ear to your collarbone up and down for about 10 times.

Step 2: Use a cold and warm facial pack

When you repeat “warming and cooling your face”, your blood circulation will improve. So let’s conduct this as you wash your face and conduct skin care. Prepare 2 towels.

1) Making cool towel


Wet one towel.
You can wet the towel with tap water in winter season. In summer season, please wet the towel with iced water using washbowls or strong plastic bags, because there is a possibility that tap water is lukewarm.

2) Making warm towel


Warm the other towel by soaking in hot water (about 43 to 45 degrees) in washbowl, or microwave it for around 40 to 60 seconds after soaking in water and squeezing it lightly. (Cool down the towel for a while because it is extremely hot)

3) Apply these cool and warm towel alternately


Apply these towels every 20 seconds alternately (for about 3 sets). Re-heat (or cool) either towels as they get warm or cool. Apply to your entire face, especially on your eyes.

Step 3: Pressure point massage

Finally stimulate your eyes directly and work on your swelling part. There are some pressure points which are effective against swelling of your eyes, but this part explains to you the 2 parts to be massaged which you can understand easily.

1) Sanchiku


Place: the dented part of the eyebrows near the middle forehead.

Push up the part upwardly with your forefinger (or any other finger you’re comfortable with) for about 5 seconds. The best strength is when you can feel pain slightly. Repeat the same thing for about 5 times.

2) Seimei


Place: the hollow part between your inner corner of your eyes and nose.

Push it straightly with your forefinger (or any other finger you’re comfortable with) for about 5 seconds. The best strength is when you can feel slight pain. Repeat the same thing for about 5 times.

These 2 pressure points are said to have effect on not only swelling of your eyes but also removing your fatigue or drowsiness. Please do it when you are tired from work or you want to refresh yourself by all means.

2. Taking potassium when you experience swelling in the morning

It is said that taking breakfast rich in potassium will help you discharge fluids from your body as urine at the early stage and leads to fast recovery from swelling.


Banana is strongly recommended, as you can take easily and don’t need cook in busy morning.

Basically Japanese people’s diet habit lacks in amount of potassium, so even if you don’t feel any swelling in your body, your nutrition balance would improve if you take banana for breakfast.

Foods rich in potassium

Fruits: Banana, hassaku orange, iyokan (species of citrus fruits), peach, dried persimmons, apple and kiwi
Seaweed: Hijiki (edible brown algae) and konbu (sea tangle)
Vegetables: Parsley, avocado, spinach and potato
Others: Soybean miso, natto (fermented soybeans), garlic and wheat germ

3. Causes of swelling by type and remedial measures

We’ve already introduced some first aid treatments, but the possibility of swelling to repeat again will still remain unless you have knowledge about the mechanisms behind the swelling.

The cause of swelling can be roughly broken down into 3 types

1. Peculiar causes on your eyelid because of the activities you did on the previous days (especially night)
2. The cause of your whole body swelling because of daily activity
3. Disorder of your body itself

Please check remembering your daily behavior.

3-1. The swelling because of working last night

If you remember doing any of the following 4 actions the previous day, that can be the cause of your swelling. You can expect to remove your swelling by being aware of the following behaviors.

■ Oversleeping or lack of sleep

In case you took longer sleeping time than usual, oversleeping is the cause. You’ve been lying down for a long time, causing the water in your entire body to be accumulated in your face.

On the other hand, lack of sleep also becomes the cause of swelling as it will appear to your eyes, and a part of your body that easily reflects your fatigue.

■ Sleeping while lying on your face


You usually face up when you sleep, but you slept lying on your face, or you found yourself lying on your face when you woke up, the cause of your swelling is that the water in your body was concentrated on your eyelids.

If you always sleep lying on your face and you rarely experience swelling, there can be other causes. However, you should try to sleep on your back as much as possible. Sleeping as you lie on your face repeatedly will cause you to have distorted framework of your face, and the blood circulation of the blood will lead to a body that gets swollen easily.

■You’ve cried last night

The cause is not the tears, but it’s either you rubbed your eyes too much when you wiped your tears, or your eyes got dried up by shedding tears.

When you cry, please weep as much as you can until the tears naturally stop without touching your eyes, then dry your tears softly. After that, apply moisturizing cream more than you usually do.

■You rubbed your face with cleansing sheet too much.

まつげ 伸ばす クレンジング

If you rubbed too hard trying to remove your makeup, or even you rubbed gently but rubbed too many times, that is the cause. Basically we don’t recommend to use cleansing sheet since it has strong cleansing power and causes friction.

Do not use it as much as possible, and when you do, let your skin absorb the liquid from the cleansing sheet thoroughly, then wipe off gently. It is also important to moisture your eyes with moisture cream.

3-2. The swelling which is related to your daily activities

Those who didn’t come under the 4 activities mentioned above, the cause is considered to be one of the 4 following daily activities. The swelling of not only your eyelids but your entire face will also fall under these. Most of them are results of daily habit piling up, so we suggest you to improve these factors in orders you remember them.

■Low pillow

Low pillow leads the water in your body go to the upper part of your head while you are sleeping, causing swelling.

It is important to choose your pillow which your head retain the same posture with standing straight. By doing so, you can prevent swelling and even wrinkles on your neck.


Actually it is difficult to try the pillow before buying. In that case, buy a low pillow then adjust the height with towels.

■Taking too much salt

When you take too much salt, your salinity concentration will increase in your body and the sign of thirstiness will appear to make the concentration thin. This is because there is a function in our body to keep the salinity concentration of blood at one certain rate. Because of this sign, we are forced to drink too much water and the excess water will spread from your blood vessel, showing on your body as swell.

The swelling appears even though you’ve only taken too much salt, but didn’t take water. Because if our body cannot take the water we want, it tries to keep the water it already has. As a result, circulation of your blood becomes poor and leads to swelling.

When you notice that you took salt too much, please eat the food rich in potassium mentioned in 2.

■Drinking too much alcohol


You want to go to restroom frequently when you drink alcohol. Consequently, water in your body disappears, and it leads to the feel of thirst and drinking too much water.

Same as salt, your body hoards the water it has if you don’t take any and leads to swelling.

Moreover, taking too much salt from the appetizer while drinking is one of the causes of swelling.

■Lack of exercise, blood circulation failure because of chill

Even your body takes too much water, if the water circulates in your body properly, the water is discharged, and it doesn’t lead to swelling immediately. Swelling is the sign that your blood circulation is getting worse.

You tend to experience swelling when you don’t move your body at all such as lack of exercise, or working at desk for long hours. Those who are sensitive to cold have worse blood circulation and easily get swollen.

Please try to move your body by walking longer than usual, using the stairs instead of elevator, or stretch your body while you are taking a rest.

3-3. Physical disorder

■Before menstruation

This is actually not a disorder, but you cannot help having swelling before your menstruation because of female hormone.

Menstruation is also a preparation time for pregnancy, so your body tries to store nutrition or energy. As a result, it creates a condition that your body hardly discharges anything including unnecessary substances, causing you to experience constipation or swelling easily.

After menstruation, the swelling disappears naturally, but the swelling worsens steadily during this period of time, so please be aware of the contents mentioned above.

■ Sign of sickness

If you continue to experience horrible swelling, there is a possibility that you have trouble in your heart, liver or kidney (internal disease). Especially in the case of your swelling always concentrating on your eyes, it is most likely your kidney might be facing a disorder.

This situation shouldn’t be neglected, and should be consulted by a doctor. You must pay extra attention when your eyes are puffy. Furthermore, the swelling in your feet also shows possible signs of sickness.

4. What is swelling?

It is necessary to have knowledge on what actually is swelling in order to solve swelling fundamentally.

In Japanese, swelling is read as ‘mukumi’, written in kanji as “floating and swelling”.

Meaning, swelling could be translated as either there is too much water in your body or, even the amount of the water in your body is just right, the water is concentrated on specific place because of bad flow of lymph.

The symptom of swelling is conspicuous at your face in the morning, and at your foot at night. This is because it has relation with gravity. During the day, you are either standing or sitting, so water flows from upper to lower part of your body by gravity, causing the water to stay on your foot by the evening, and the water flows back to your face at night while you are sleeping, because you’re lying down on bed.


Consequently, when you feel your swelling is cured at night because you don’t see them on your face, however it hasn’t solve anything because the swelling just moved to your feet. In the next morning, the water will return to your face. There is no end of this circulation without solving the actual problem. You should remember this swelling problem is not only originating from your face.

5. Finally

The swelling of your eyes recover as time passes by as long as it is not caused by sickness, but it is not the solution to solve fundamentally. We are all usually busy in the morning, so it is difficult to conduct these cares every day.

Therefore, it is important to think over again of your daily action.

* There is also a possibility that you have sickness, so when you feel some disorder in your body, please go to the hospital.

This article is translation of Japanese article, and the information listed is as of December 15, 2015 (Japan Standard Time). Please take note that this article is based on individual opinions or their impressions, and opinions may vary.